Jesse Owens

"I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under
your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted,
fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the
strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."

-Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens, a black man who contributation to the world will be know to
everyone. A man who has broken all the boundaries. A man who has won many names
and awards. A man of many talents. A man with a title “fastest man ever”. A MAN

Jesse Owens, one of the eight children in his family, one of the best
track and field athletes of all time. He was born 1913, on a farm in the city of
Danville Alabama, under his real name, James Cleveland Owens. He went to
Fairmount Junior High School. Then he went on to high school where he was a
track athlete and there his high points were the running broad jump (long jump),
the one-hundred meter dash and the two-hundred meter dash. After graduating from
high school he attended Ohio State University (OSU).

Charles Riley taught him after he first saw him in junior high. He was a
excellent track runner in high school, one of the best in the world. Like
mentioned above, he was excellent in the broad jump, the one-hundred meter dash,
and the two-hundred meter dash. He loved running when he was young, he said “ would always get me where I was going...” He would always run. He then
went on to attend Ohio State University and there he set the new worlds record
for the broad jump at the length of 26 feet and one forth inch. Going on to the
next year he set another worlds record for the one-hundred meter dash at the
time of 10.2 seconds. He then was so good he went on to the 1936 Olympics as a
member of the U S Olympic team, the games were held in Berlin, Germany where
blacks were not accepted as well as whites and because of that Reichfuekrer
Adolf Hitler did not acknowledge the achievements that he did perform, despite
his athletic ability. He won four Olympic gold medals in the 200 and 100 meter
dash, the broad jump, and also the 400 meter relay with the other four people
that ran with him. He was one of the four Americans who have one three or more
gold medals in one of the games. The Chicago Defender wrote an article which
came from Berlin which reads: “Jesse Owens is the god of the sports fans here.
He has effectively demonstrated his superiority in winning the finals in the 100
meter event which he equaled the worlds record and by blasting the Olympic mark
of Eddie Tollan, another race star, set back in 1932 over the 200-meter route.
He was the first Negro to hold such position on any Olympic team at this time.

Jesse Owens was proud of his race and wasn\'t afraid to show it to anyone.
He ran for his race in all the Olympic games he attended. He gave hope to all
the blacks when he did what he did and they had more reason to be treated like
the whites in the world. Alot of African Americans look up to him as a black man
for all he did for the black race. He showed the world that the blacks are the
same as everyone else and that we all have the same blood.

Jesse Owens went on after his career and attended many foundations and
programs to show that he cares for who he is. He eventually died at the age of
77 in 1980 and he finished off with many awards from his track seasons. He will
be looked up to and respected by all and will never be forgotten.

I think Jesse Owens is a great role model for all ages and he should be
looked up to. He stood up for what he believed and had respect for who he was. I
look up to him because I think that the racism in the world has been reduced
because of people like him. I think he has made a great contribution to everyone.

"When I came back, after all those stories about Hitler and his snub, I came
back to my native country, and I could not ride in the front of the bus.