Jesse Jackson: a Brief Biography

Jesse Jackson was born on March eleventh, 1965 in Greensville, South Carolina.
He has since run for president in two elections, one in 1984, and one in 1988.
In the 1984 elections, he received over three million popular votes, and
registered over one million new voters. In 1988 he received over seven million
votes, and registered over two million new voters.He never got one electoral
vote. He sees himself as the leader of African-Americans, women, unionists, the
homeless, the unemployed, and the underemployed. He is offended that Bill
Clinton has a large amount of minority supporters. He has been known to get
overly excited and emotional when speaking, and sometimes offends people. In one
speech he said that the Christian Coalition is made up of "Nazis, slave owners,
and segregationists." Another time he publicly remarked, "In Germany, they call
what\'s going on "fascism". In South Africa they call it "racism". Here in
America we call it conservatism." He even once called New York City, "Hyme-town."
Hearing that remark coming from a civil rights leader shocked everybody, and
cost him millions of votes. Another scandal came along when he led over five
hundered Stanford University students singing, "Hey hey, ho ho. Western civ has
got to go!" Jesse Jackson boycotted the Academy Awards last year, because only
on African-American was nominated. However no less of an authority than Denzel
Washington, says that Jesse Jackson overreacted. "I didn\'t really think that
there were any Oscar worthy African-American performances," said the actor in
a recent interview. Jesse Jackson was standing next to Martin Luther King, when
he was assassinated. Let\'s just hope that Jesse Jackson doesn\'t meet the same

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