Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
By Charlotte Bronte

2. End of Chapter Ten

My favorite character at this time in the novel, is Jane Eyre. A new chapter in her life was about to begin when she was accepted for the position as a governess, for a small child at Thornfield Hall. She has come a long way from her days abandoned by her cruel aunt and treated poorly by her cousins. After her school days at Lowood, she wanted a brighter and more independent life for herself. She has had the strength to be strong and
confident through it all. The characters that I disliked were her Aunt Reed and her cousins. Her aunt abandoned her, did not treat her as the other
children and locked her up the majority of the time. Her cousin John would constantly cause her physical and emotional harm, while cousins Georgiana and Eliza preferred to ignore her. Jane had spent eight years at Lowood Institution and suffered many hardships. Her life is saddened when her best and only friend, Helen Burns, dies at Lowood from sickness. Fortunately Jane wants a better life for herself, and ventures out into the world. I do like this work so far because it is interesting to see what will happen to Jane and where her life will lead. Charlotte Bronte\'s style does tend to be a little dull in some parts of the novel, from too much emphasis on minor events to much detail in some areas of the novel that is not relevant. I do think that Jane will enjoy the new life she has made for herself, this being a different experience.

End of Chapter Twenty-Eight

Jane is still my favorite character in the novel. She makes you want to reach your heart out to her with all that she experiences. The novel centers around her and her life, she has to be the favored character. I disliked Mr. Rochester when he was first introduced, always being cold, stiff, and
difficult towards Jane. As the days pass, Jane does feel the intensity of love build between her and Mr. Rochester. They eventually make their way to the church to be married, when the dark and terrible secret is revealed. Lurking in the attic of Thornfield Hall, is Mr. Rochester\'s insane, maniac wife Bertha. She is a character to despise throwing tantrums, setting Rochester\'s bedroom on fire, tearing Jane\'s veil to shreds, and stabbing and biting her own brother Richard. Bertha would remind one of a wild beast and untamed dog. Jane realizes that she has to do the right thing even though she loves Edward Rochester. She cannot stay with him if he has a wife living. She tells herself, " Which is better?-To have surrendered to temptation; listened to passion; made no painful effort-no struggle;-but to have sunk down..." Jane ends up leaving Thornfield Hall early morning
before anyone is awake. She is to start a brand new life on her own, away from everything she has loved and loves. The novel has gotten more
intriguing due to the exciting events that occur one after the other. At the end of this chapter the reader begins to wonder what is to happen to Jane on her own, having no money, no friends, no relatives and no where to go.
Bravery on Jane\'s part is her major strength, to leave the man she thought she knew, for independence.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Once again Jane Eyre has come a long way from her life and Edward, at Thornfield Hall. She had wandered around starving, physically, mentally, and emotionally, after she left Thornfield. This show how strong and determined of a person she is. She was on the brink of death, having no where to go, nothing to eat, when a kind family brought her in to their shelter. She is treated like a sister, this being a new experience for Jane to comprehend. She eventually becomes a schoolmistress in the small town where she lives. She is an independent woman that does not need the support of anyone to help her. She discovers that the family she lives with, John, Mary and Diane were her actual blood family cousins. She finally obtains what she has been looking for her whole life. A sense of identity, security