Itís Legal

Partying in

The streets as

Cannabis is legalised

Millions of people celebrated today as world governments finally legalised the before controlled substance CANNABIS.

The law was finally changed when governments

buckled under the pressure of worldwide demands for the drug to be legalised both for recreational and medicinal use. As the news broke out across the country there was widespread partying as thousands cam out onto the streets to celebrate and take part in the partying atmosphere.

One un-named policeman stated ď Its crazy, all these people are openly smoking ďriffaĒ and thereís nothing I can do about it!Ē. The same policeman was later seen smiling.

With the new law in place the prime minister Tony Blair was asked what he would to and he replied with this ďGo home and roll a fat one!Ē and that is just what he did.