It’s Just Common Sense

ENG 327, 11:00 TR


Children today do not have a balanced curriculum in the school systems. We teach our children the Sciences, Math, English, and History, but ignore the skills some need to survive in their harsh environments. Sex, drugs, and alcohol-use are all topics the school systems try to brush past the students at an early age without any real-life applications. We need a curriculum that teaches these students many of the skills they are dying without in a world that doesn’t care whether someone knows the square root of 49, or who the 14th president was.

I am proposing a curriculum centered on “common-sense.” When I say common sense, I am referring to knowledge attained outside the classroom such as, dealing with gang violence, learning how and where to find a job, managing a budget, and time-management skills. We want to prepare the young men and women of today for the real world. The one that smacks them dead in the face each time they walk out the front doors of their schools. I believe this course would not only enrich their already diverse subjects of study but also give some of these children skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The target group for the initial implementation of the project would be the underprivileged, high school, and minority groups in the public school system. I want to reach out to them through the addition of this curriculum. My objective is simple. I want the students to sharpen their common sense in their everyday lives.

The course would in essence focus on teaching the students how to be “street-smart.” It would concentrate on teaching them how and where to shop for clothing and food for the best values. The course would teach them how to deal with certain scenarios that may arise in their neighborhoods like drugs and alcohol. It would also be a place for them to research job opportunities as well as other extracurricular activities via the Internet. The nature of the course is not to say the hell to all the rest of the material taught in the schools, but to educate them in a different way about problem solving skills and basic survival.

When considering this proposal, the question should not be whether or not we need a course like this in our school systems because we do. Students need a well-rounded education, one that tackles everyday problems with a realistic, more hands on approach. I mean it’s easy to unload tons of information on the student’s shoulders and expect them to memorize and understand it, but if you don’t guide them and give them the skills they need to make it to class everyday, what purpose does all the other stuff have.

All I ask of you today is that you consider the significance of having this curriculum placed in our public school systems. Our high school students today have many burdens upon them. They have to deal with the family issues as well as conflicts among their social circles and people in their neighborhoods. A course like this could help them get through any problems that may arrive. That’s the greatness of this course it’s structure is not restricted to one formula. It is wide open to anything.

I am writing this proposal in an effort to gain the support of my fellow school board members as well as the parents and teachers who see the worth of this project. I understand that something of this magnitude would cost a lot of money, time, effort, and cooperation from the state, but I believe our school is in dire need of action now. With your support, we can begin raising the funds necessary by getting the parents and students involved with this.

The time for change in our school systems is now. How much longer will we stand to see bright, young futures thrown away? As it is right now, our schools are not preparing these kids for the real world. They are leaving here lost and misguided. We must act now, for the future of our children.