It is almost tautology to know that news organizations or agencies provide ‘news'. However, one cannot relate to the term of ‘news' as of one piece. It is important for us to recognize that there are two types of news which are ‘hard news' and ‘soft news'. ‘Hard news' is characterized by Tuchman, (1972) as having a level of newsworthiness. The topics that usually fall under the umbrella of ‘hard news' are politics, economics, wars, crimes and social matters demanding immediate reporting and publication. On the other hand, ‘soft news' does not need the necessity to be published or reported immediately and has low level of practical and functional information value because it concerns only on human interest, gossips and offbeat events. The way of hard news is being written and reported in newspapers are different in each countries. Hence, let us take a look on how each newspapers from different country and contin ent presenting their reports which is between Malaysian ne wspa per, "The Star" and Reuters from United Kingdom regarding the killers of 20 hostages in a bakery cafe in a place called Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The killing that has taken place in Dhaka, Bangladesh , in a cafe has shocked the world as it is said to have relations with the Islamic States (IS) militants. Islamic States or also known as Salafi militant organizatio n in Syria and Iraq whose goal i s the establishment and expansion of a caliphate kills many public and claimed that they are doing that in the name of jihad and Islam. I t is becoming a global threat and Malaysia is one of the country that is affected. On Monday, 4 th of July 2016, our local newspaper ‘The Star' has found a shocking news that evoke the emotion of Malaysian. Nibras Islam, one of the gunman that kills 20 people brutally in the cafe is one of the Bangladeshis who has once received education in a private university in Malaysia which is in Monash University. This news has stunned many Malaysians as knowing that the killer has lived among us.
Throughout my reading in "The Star" newspaper written by our local reporter, Dina Murad on Monday, 4 th of July 2016, with the h eadlin e ‘Dhaka killer was here', it was reported that Nibras Islam came from a wealthy family and a fan of Bollywood. He had good looks that every girl admired and he had a wide of frien ds in Monash University , Malaysia . Nibras Islam was identified and confirmed as one of the attackers that killed 20 hostages in the cafe by The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune and also the social media. A friend of Nibras who was a Bangladeshi said that he never expected Nibras to end up being a col d hearted killer because he did not seem interested in politics, was not outwardly religious and was not the violent type. Nibras came from a wealthy family and it was also reported that he went to a private English - medium school in Bangladesh before studying commerce in Monash University, Malaysia for two years . Nibras acted like a normal teenagers based on his tweets an d statuses on Facebook. He had gone through complications in his love life as well as having normal life as a y oung boy by playing futsal. It wa s reported that the assailants are believed to have gone missing months before the attacks and international reports state th at Nibras wa s unc ontactable since January. It wa s also confirmed that IS responsible for the attack.
Moving on to the foreign newspaper "Reuters" on Tuesday, 5 th of July 2016, with the headline " Heartbreak, selfies and soccer: the life of a Bangladesh cafe killer ," I found that Nibras appeared just like a typical student; fun - loving, in and out of love and keen on sport especially soccer. Women found him handsome by seeing in his Facebook wall. There was a confession status posted in his wall by one of his admirers. It was also reported that police in Bangladesh suspected Nibras as one of the gunman in attack and Malaysian police released a