Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Whose Fault, Whose Land?

The Palestinian Intifada, or uprising, has been presented as a popular protest against Ariel Sharon’s visit to a shrine upon the Temple Mount. The truth is that the Arab violence has been premeditated, and the Palestinian leadership admits this fact. Palestinian Authority Communications Minister, Imad Al-Faluji stated during a speech at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, “ ‘Whoever thinks that the Intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon’s visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is wrong, even if this visit was the straw that broke the back of the Palestinian people. This Intifadah was planned in advance, ever since President [Yasser] Arafat’s return from the Camp David Negotiations, where he turned the tables upside down on President Clinton.’ ”[1] Similar statements came from Al-Faluji as early as December 2000. The PA affiliated daily Al-Ayyam confirms these statements. Raed Lafi, correspondent for the Palestinian newspaper reported that at a Gaza symposium Al-Faluji said, “ ‘The PA has begun to prepare for the outbreak of the current Intifada since the return from the Camp David negotiations, by the request of President Yassir Arafat, who predicted the outbreak of the Intifada as a complimentary stage to the Palestinian steadfastness in the negotiations and not as a specific protest against Sharon’s visit to Al-Hram Al-Qudsi [Temple Mount].’ ”[1] Even this top PA official repeatedly refuted that Sharon was responsible for the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada and confirmed Arafat’s ploy of violence.

Another important fact that needs to be pointed out is that Jibril Rajob, head of the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Service, approved Sharon’s visit and stated that there would be no reaction. Nevertheless, Palestinian schools were closed and the students were bussed to the Temple Mount to protest Sharon’s visit along with hundreds of other angry Palestinians. Also, the Israeli-Palestinian members of Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Ahmad Tibi and Azmi Bishara, along with PLO officials were there inciting the public to attack Sharon and start violence. Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief of US News & World Report, reports how, despite official Palestinian promises, “the Arabs seized on it [Sharon’s visit] as a pretext for massive rock throwing attacks on Jews at prayer at the Western Wall plaza, which is adjacent to and below the Temple Mount. It was organized violence, carried out by a mob abetted by Tanzim militiamen, the shock troops of Arafat’s Fatah faction, who knocked off the violence several days before with a roadside bomb attack. The Arafat-controlled media exhorted the Palestinians to come defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque as if it were under attack.”[2] Clearly, the Intifada was no surprise for the Palestinian leadership, who has done nothing but promote it.

So what does the PA and its governed people plan to do? What does this Intifada consist of? The PA minister doesn’t let the question stand. Further acting as a spokesman for the PA Al-Faluji proclaims, “ ‘The Palestinian Resistance will strike in Tel-Aviv, in Ashkelon, in Jerusalem, and in every inch of the land of natural Palestine. Israel will not have a single quite night. There will be no security in the heart of Israel….’ ”[1] Arafat has released dozens of convicted Palestinian terrorists to roam free and to wreck havoc. The PA official depicts Arafat’s goals as he states, “ ‘We say to the Zionist enemy and to the entire world: We will return to the early days of the PLO, to the sixties and to the seventies; ‘the Fatah Hawks’ will return, as will the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades’ [the military wing of Hamas] and the ‘Red Eagles’ [the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine].’ ”[1] This close aid to Arafat promised that Arafat and the PA will blatantly disregard all signed peace agreements and again become a terrorist entity.

In almost eight months of fighting the world has seen just that. Dozens of Palestinian road ambushes, terrorist attacks, as well as many other assaults were directed at Israel and her people. In a Palestinian police building in Ramallah, two reserve IDF soldiers were lynched with indescribable brutality by “peaceful” Palestinian protestors. While one of the Palestinian men was beating the two Israelis reservists, he also took the liberty to use one of the reservist’s cell phone and called