Islam is a religion that has existed for millions of years. The followers believed that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger. Muhammad was deeply troubled by the idol worship of Arabs and the moral ills of society. When he was about 40, he was meditating and heard a voice. According to Muslim the belief the voice was that of the angel Gabriel it said, “Proclaim.” When Muhammad asked what should I proclaim the voice responded with proclaim in the name of God.

Muhammad was a young man born in Mecca about the year 570. Orphaned at an early age, Muhammad was cared for by his uncle. In his youth he worked as a shepherd. Later he led caravans across the desert for merchants. When he was 25, Muhammad married. It was at age 40 when he had his first vision. As spoken in paragraph 1, it was believed the angel Gabriel asking him to spread the message of God spoke him to. This left Muhammad puzzled. How could an illiterate merchant become the messenger of God? His wife encouraged him to accept his call. Muhammad devoted the rest of his life to spreading Islam.


is the month long fast that Muslims give up as a sacrifice to Mohammed and to Allah. This year, it was from November 27, 2000 to December 26, 2000

\'Eid-ul-Fitr, the Festival of Fast-Breaking (Dec 27)

This is a celebration at the end of Ramadan, similar to Christmas but with more religious significance. Muslims dress up, attend a community prayer service in the morning, and visit friends and relatives. In some areas, children are given gifts or money by their parents. The celebration lasts three days, although most celebrations occur on the first day. Students and workers of all ages take time off if possible. United State\'s Muslims are trying to get this day recognized nationally.

\'Eid-ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice March 6

The Festival of Sacrifice is after the Day of Arafat. This festival celebrates Abraham and his devotion to Allah, including his willingness to sacrifice his son to God. Muslims slaughter an animal and pass the meat to family, friends, and the poor of the community. Many poor people get the privilege of eating meat on this day. The community celebrates in the morning, and gifts are usually given to the children.

The Muslims also follow the strict rules of the Five Pillars.

1. There is no God, but God and Muhammad is his messenger.

2. Daily Prayer

3. Giving Charity to the Poor

4. Fasting from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan

5. To perform the Hajj

Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of a series of Prophets.


Jews have many elements that are different from an average American. From their religion to the food they eat. Exploring their culture and way of life has helped many people to better understand them.

Family Life

The Jewish family life is very different than a Christian family life. People often wonder is Jewish people can remain childless. They cannot remain childless it is not part of the Jewish culture. The main reason they cannot remain childless is because it says in the Torah “Be fruitful and multiply.” Jews are expected to look upon marriage as a step toward procreation. Another question that is commonly asked is what is the wife’s role in the family? Does she just sit at home and be the housewife or can she work. In some parts in Israel they r suppose to stay home and be the housewife but in America they have a little different culture and they are allowed to work. But, the wife does have some roles in the house she is the one who teaches the children about the Jewish religion and makes them understand. The husband also has a job in that, he is there to set the role and let the children follow in his footsteps. Another lifestyle that Jews have is that they are not supposed to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Women are not allowed to wear slacks or any pants. The reason for this is because it is told not to in the Torah. If the do such a thing they would be forbidden for life. That’s how some Jewish people live


Jews have many different holidays. The most herd of holiday is Hanukkah