Is the Telephone a Nuisance?

o With the invention of telephone, especially mobile phone, human communication have been made easier than ever. However, many people think telephone is a real nuisance. What is your opinion?
Since the day telephone and mobile phone were invented, life has been made easier and easier than ever – especially with the help of mobile phone. Some people may think telephone is a real nuisance but to me, I think it’s an incredible achievement.

In the past, when there was no telephone, the only thing people can do to contact each other was to write letters. But it was very inconvenient because it took a long time for each letter to be delivered so it was hard for you to report something instantly and for people who couldn’t read or write, it was much more difficult. But today, with telephone, many things can be done.

The most considerable thing that telephone brings us is the important mean of communication. With telephone, we can keep contact to people who is far, far away from us. All you have to do is to pick up the telephone, dial the number and then talk to them. And in this modern world, you can even order things by the telephone or its easy for you to ask bout things such as which films are being shown at the cinemas or the result of a football match… and for the students, they can even ask some important results such as the result of the examination to the university by the telephone.

Besides, its very propitious for us to have mobile phones because you can keep in touch with everyone at everytime and in everywhere. Lets juz assume that you are goin to a party and your parents don’t know how to contact you, its good for you to have a mobile phone so they don’t have to worry much bout you. Or another example, if you are a president or a businessman or somekind of very busy person and kind of person who has to go far often, you need and you must have mobile phone to contact your family or your customers. Moreover, with the high technology, you can use your mobile phone to shoot short videos, to take photographs and even use your mobile phone as a mirror.

However, some people may think telephone is a nuisance because some reasons such as some teenagers – they think they cant be free with a mobile phone because their parents can control them or some adults – especially parents think that teenagers are using telephone too much to talk bout unimportant things for many hours… etc but those are juz a little disadvantages of telephone and can be limited.

So in the end, I wanna say that telephone plays a very important part in our society today. Although some people may not like it, consider it as a nuisance, but they have to accept that life would be very difficult without telephone, telephone is a great invention and that is also my opinion bout the telephone.