The dawn of the 20th century has not only given us the era of technology but also- a rapid wave of terrorism. It is this wave of terrorism that has brought pain and anguish to all Muslims worldwide, since Islam is being targeted for these attacks. Islam is being blamed, slandered and discriminated against by many governments and individuals and is spreading at a fast rate due to fast speed communication and other technological means of sending information. Likewise, I hope that this article spreads rapidly so that this onslaught against Islam can be exposed to the world.

Firstly, it should be clearly noted that whenever a person is killed in the name of Islam, the name of Islam is being abused. The entire Muslim population should not looked at with disgust for the activities of a few extremists. Therefore when Muslims in USA and around the world were all looked at as being terrorists after the September 11th attacks, was evidently wrong. Two years have passed and the situation has not changed. In every airport worldwide there is always a stigma surrounding a man wearing a turban and a woman wearing a hijab- they are subjected to the most humiliating searches while every other single person is never degraded in such a manner. So is the world out for Islam? Are they trying to take away Muslims’ rights to practice their religion as is clearly outlined in the United Nation’s Declaration for Human Rights (UNDHR)? Islam is apparently being attacked!

Terrorist activities are only carried out by small fractions of a population and yet Islam is always targeted. When 5,078 Chechen Muslims were massacred, the Muslims did not blame the entire Christian religion. However, from the moment a Muslim’s name is mentioned in any attack, automatically the blame falls upon Islam. As long as it is not a Muslim, the individual criminal becomes responsible for his actions, as in the case of Timothy McVeigh who killed hundreds in the Oklahoma bombing. Why didn’t the USA government go out and destroy the entire Oklahoma State or the entire country? Was it because there was a more sensible leader at the time who believed that people are responsible for their actions, or is it that USA is a hypocritical nation? Nevertheless this demonstrates the great prejudice the world has against Islam.

In president Bush’s response to the September 11th attack he immediately called upon the names of the Islamic states- Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria as being responsible (without any previous investigation!) and also nicknamed them as:“ the axis of evil”. To this day the Bush’s regime has destroyed the infrastructure, economy and populations of Afghanistan and Iraq in attempt to attain revenge. Additionally, he has used the UN conveniently to commit this monstrous deed. As Shirin Ebadi (Nobel peace prizewinner of 2003) said, “Why is it some resolutions and decisions are not binding and other resolutions are?” He has taken matters into his own hands, going against the wish of the majority of the world by entering countries trying to eradicate all terrorists. He has held 598 Muslims as prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forcing them to shave their beards, subjecting them to tropical diseases such as malaria and the possibility of heatstroke with the intense heat, which is strictly against the conditions stipulated in the Geneva Convention. “Why should some nations violate UN Human Rights under the pretext of fighting terror”, as Shirin Ebadi said. Muslims should be treated fairly just as any other human being.

Another example that demonstrates the attack on Islam falls under the topic of nuclear energy. The US government is prepared to enter into Iran because they are speculating that a nuclear program exists there. However when North Korea boldly states to the world that it has an operating nuclear program with enough plutonium rods to develop a nuclear bomb the US immediately wants dialogue between the two nations. Now this is a good sign- dialogue before war. War is supposed to be a last resort, as long as all other attempts (peace talks, negotiations, diplomatic talks, embargoes and the intervention of international organisations such as the UN) have been exhausted and had failed. If Bush’s administration were taking a similar