Is Homer A Good Father?

The Simpson’s Essay

September 26, 2003

If you ever watch the TV show, “The Simpson’s”, you may question if Homer Simpson is a good father to his children. Homer is the father of Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. He is married to his high school sweetheart named Marge and works in Springfield, at a nuclear power plant as a Safety inspector. In each episode, you can see that Homer is a couch potato and also a beer drinker. He likes to go to a bar called “Moe’s” to hang out and express what is going on in his life. His favorite food is donuts and Marge’s famous pork chops. His father who played the role as both mom and dad mostly raised him. Homer graduated at the bottom of his class thus, earning him the entry-level job at the nuclear power plant. He is pretty much a role model for his children, but at times he could act dysfunctional. He is a good father to his kids, loving, supporting and nurturing them.

What are the characteristics of a good father? Someone who is sensitive, protective, understanding, supporting, and active in their lives is good enough. Homer has all the characteristics, but in his own way. For instance, when Lisa makes good grades, Homer posts them on the fridge showing them off. Usually he only post Lisa’s work, but when Bart was failing a class, and passes his test he did the same for him too. Bart had to avoid being held back in the fourth grade so he passes his test with a “D-” and is happy to accept this score. Homer tapes the test on the fridge saying “We’re proud of you, boy!” and Bart replies, “Thanks dad, but part of this D- belongs to God…”(Bart gets an F episode).

In another episode, Homer pushes Bart to run for class president. He runs against Millhouse, an intelligent kid who lives next to the Simpson’s. On Election Day, Bart finds out that no one voted for him, but he forgot to vote for himself. So therefore, Millhouse won the position. Bart gets upset because he felt as though he could have a done better job. Homer brings Bart’s moral up saying that he wasn’t getting paid for the position and that he was going to have to do extra work. So he tells Bart, “Let the baby have his bottle!” (Episode ???) Bart understands because he is pretty much lazy and doesn’t like to do any work. In this episode, Homer and Bart have a father and son connection showing that he loves his child and would do anything for him.

Homer may show favoritism towards Lisa more than Bart and Maggie. But in an episode (???), Homer shows that he loves all three of his kids equally. He tucks them all into bed when they are sleep and tells Marge how happy he is with his children. Sometimes he worries that he might be a bad influence on them, but he tries not to let it get to him. In “King of the Hill”, Homer tell Marge, “Oh Marge, how could you let me go like this?” She replies, “Me? I’m not the one who puts butter in your coffee.” Then Homer says, “ Well I’ve humiliated my son for the last time. I’m going to get into shape!” There he shows that he tries not to be the family clown, and made a determination to lose weight for his family.

I feel that Homer is a good father. There are basic characteristics to being a good father, but there is no certain rule or regulation saying that this is the wrong way to raise your kids. I think that there is no perfect father, and that dad’s are always learning. Sometimes his kids might get upset with him, like Lisa for instance when she called him a baboon. But they remember that their dad is unique and can’t stay mad at him. Or when Homer gets upset at Bart, and chokes him. But what some people fail to understand that Lisa is not rebellious, so that’s why she never gets in trouble. On the other hand Bart is disobedient and sometimes deserves to