Is hate speech, free speech

ENG 165

Essay 3

March 10, 2001

Rough draft

The internet is a global network that operates beyond national borders. Its is a vast source of information where people are free to express their point of view and it would virtually impossible to regulate any speech on the net.
Free speech is a way to express one’s idea and views on an issue. It not necessarily be positive as all people don’t share the same ideas as others. It is a free way of expressing ones point of view. Some speeches might be repulsive, they might be called hate speeches. Hate speech is also a form of free speech. It is just a form of criticizm that is acceptable in free speech. Hate speech may be positive for some people whereas negative for others.

The adl – anti defamation league was founded in 1913. The adl is an established agency that fights bigotry worldwide. It is a national network of professionals trained to respond to hate connections. The anti defamation league is known to track down hateful speeches online and exposing the phenomenon in large number of reports. The adl is against the idea of hate speech on the web, as it considers the internet a powerful technologicak tool that permits instant communication between people around the world, help educate them and spread positive ideas and messages.

The ACLU – the american civil liberties union was founded in 1920 to defend civil liberties as defined in the constitution and bill of rights. The bill of rights includes the freedom of speech. It was formed as a network of autonomous state offices with a national board to set policy. The aclu believes that hate speech is also a form of free speech and should not be restricted.

The adl considers that the internet should be used to promote tolerance and foster positive ideas and not hatred. Whereas the aclu believes that people should be free to express their point of view and communicate freely without any restriction.

ADL have all supported limitations on hate speech and have campaigned to limit the forums for hate groups. The adl has taken many steps against individuals who promote hate speech on the web but the aclu states that those people are protected by law to express their free ideas.

The adl in its report “poisioning the web: hatred online” denounced intolerance on the internet at the end of last year. It also said that