Investigating business

My business-Marcus Gear

Marcus Gear Limited is an established supplier of quality leathers and suede\'s for all industries, including specialised leathers for the saddle, bridle and fancy leather goods markets.

Aims and Objectives of my chosen business

It provides high quality leather to many customers abroad and around the UK. The aim of the business is to become profitable. The objective is to insure that he obtains the correct products so that they can achieve the right margins on. The business can achieve this aim by checking the profit margin and turnover. Also whether the company is maintaining its share of the market.

The main activities of my chosen business

Marcus Gear manufactures leather and supplies it in bulks to customers around the UK and abroad. The business does not provide a service. There are five employees at Marcus Gear. Including Managing director, a secretary, company secretary, warehouse man and a van driver. All of these are needed to en able good quality service and accurate accounts of the businesses progress.

Main customers of Marcus Gear are saddlers, leather goods manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and interior designers. Marcus Gear do export form other countries such as Italy, Germany etc.

Marcus Gear has a close relationship with UK tanners and dressers of leather as well as many Italian tanneries for specialist leathers. Swedish tanneries for harness and vegetable tanned upholstery leather, German tanneries for high quality saddle and bridle leathers and French tanneries for soft Calf

UK leather whole sales are a huge competitor; if Marcus Gear does not produce higher quality leather at negotiable prices then customers will go elsewhere. Other companies may undercut on price, which reduces some of the profit margin. Changes in technology have not had any sort of impact within this business.

Some of the leathers that Marcus Gear have in stock include Calf, Hides Sides, Upholstery Hides, Bridle Butts, Saddle Pigskins, Silky Suede\'s, NuBuck Sides, Italian Shoulders, Splits, genuine Buffalo, Sheep Napa, Chamois Leathers, Whole Butts, belting Splits, Harness Backs, panel Hides, Ostrich Skins, and exotics with full cites documents. We also carry a range of Saddle and Rein Webs, leather working tools, hessian, tacks and hook & loop fasteners.

Ownership of my chosen business

The ownership of Marcus Gear is a private limited company (no organisation chart because not part of any organisation) The Company was founded in the mid 1970’s and operated as a sole trader, supplying mainly to Walsall saddler industry. In 1998 Mr Richard Archer brought the company and the private limited company was formed. There are no plans for the future of Marcus Gear as yet, however to maintain the high quality of product and keeping up with the continual change in fashion is always the plan for the future

Location of my chosen company

This map shows the area in which Marcus Gear is situated in relation to Walsall.

This map shows Marcus Gear in relation to the many transport links, which are available such as the M6.

The business Marcus Gear is situated near the Walsall town. Adjacent to the factory is a large housing estate. As you can see via the map there are also many main roads, which means there is easy access to the factory. Transport links are very important to a business, and with main roads all around Marcus Gear than they are able to deliver and sell goods. The factory is also by its local customers, who provide a same day delivery service. However it is not a must to be situated by the suppliers, because transport is good.

Rent is relatively cheap, although the premises now belong to the owner. Most of the employees live around Walsall or near by.

The company does not have any plans for moving in the future because they have only just moved to a more accessible area only six months ago.

External influences on my business

Environmental laws etc do not have a major impact on Marcus Gear, although waste control is an issue with the production of leather. When off cuts are made, leftover leather is either thrown away or sold to museums so they can create key rings, belts and other ornamental leather goods. Marcus Gear however makes sure the suppliers who have an active policy of keeping up with