Invaded By Immigrants

Canada being a relatively new country, as far as the history of the
world goes was built by immigration. Every single resident of North America can
trace his ancestry back to the cradle of life in Europe. Even Native Americans
found their way to the new world over a frozen ice pack, spreading out across
the land, weaving a rich culture and prospering. The Canada that we know today
began only in the last 200 years. Settlers poured in from all over the world,
tempted with free land and religious liberty Europeans settled in Canada by the
thousands. They brought with them traditions and a legal system modeled after
the English governments.
Although is undeniable that Immigration made Canada into the strong
nation that it is, I feel that Immigration as it is set up these days does not
build our country but tears it down. The open gates policy implemented by our
government leaves the Canadian social system wide open to be abused by would-be
migrants in other countries. It is quite obvious that the system currently
running is quite imperfect. This paper will attempt to show flaws in Canada\'s
immigration policy and suggest new policy\'s which fit better with Canada\'s
social landscape.

All over the world populations are growing at tremendous rates.
Nothing in this world happens by accident, the populations are moving because
they expect an increase in quality of life in the new country. Country\'s all
over the world view Canada as a great place to live, the United Nations bills
Canada as the best place to live. When third world people look at their present
situations, they think that they could instantly improve their surroundings by
moving to Canada. By pure logic it would seem like madness to open Canada\'s
doors wide open to any immigrant which wishes to come to Canada. We would be
swamped! But that is precisely what Canada has done. There is no end in sight.
With a growing world population more and more people will see Canada as the
premier place to live and will come flocking to our gates.
Many Canadian\'s do not agree with the current immigration policy our the
idea that we should let even more immigrants in. Many issues need to be
debated and settled such as should we allow further immigration into Canada, to
what degree should immigrants segregate or integrate, who should be allowed to
immigrate, and on what conditions. These are very serious questions and the
answers to them will have a profound effect on life in Canada and indeed all
over the world.
Until the great depression at the beginning of the century Canada had
encouraged immigration from Europe, especially Britain. During the Great
Depression Immigration was brought to a halt, the reason being that foreign
workers coming to Canada looking for jobs were unwanted. Bands of men roamed
the country searching for any kind of work. After W.W.II Canada\'s economy grew
so fast that thousands of immigrants were let in, mostly from Europe. The time
in-between Canada shut it\'s gate to when it reopened them is called the first
great digestion period.
A period with no immigrants allowed Canada to set up social programs,
make jobs, and integrate the existing new citizens into our economy. Since
W.W.II the basic immigration policy has remained the same with no such period,
we have steadily let larger numbers of foreigners into our country. In the past
60 years there has been no such period and the population has outgrown the job
base. One of the main arguments that immigration enthusiasts use is that
Immigrants will fill jobs and produce more then they consume. At this moment
Canada has upwards of eleven percent unemployment. What use do we possibly have
for thousands of new people flooding the job market. Our economy needs to
strengthen and grow so it can support itself before we burden our welfare system
by bringing in more unneeded workers.
The issue of immigration is permanently with Canada and important
because every single Canadian can trace his lineage back to an immigrant
somewhere. The flow of people into Canada is not going to stop unless we pass
and bill to make immigration standards tougher. Lately there has been a
movement to remove discriminatory law from the Canadian constitution and it is
getting so we are too politically correct. In 1996 so many Asians flooded
Vancouver that a separate school system had too be set up to accommodate these
students who would not learn English or fit into the full English schools. This
represents astronomical costs to British Columbia\'s already stretched
educational system