Intro to Gospels


In today’s chapel the Faith Team came to campus for a couple of days. This was a group of alumni that came and shared stories of their days at Ottawa University.. They talked about how going to Ottawa changed and affected their lives, and their faith. Our Provost, Maurice Bryan introduced Roger Fredrickson, the leader of our talk, and was then followed by the rest fo the group. I’ll go ahead, by naming some of the speakers and what they said about themselves. First to speak was Nina Jean Meth. She talked about how she was in high school and her faith then, but how it changed and got much stronger when she came to Ottawa. She talked about how she went on voluntary missions, and how she was able to go all over the world. The second speaker was Richard Jackson. He talked about how a man named Bill Beucheck influenced his life while he was a student. Bill served as a coach and spiritual leader to Richard. He said being close to Bill taught him never to waste time while there is an ample opportunity to help some or reach out. The next to speak was Vera Goodman. Vera lives in Topeka, and is now retired after 38 years of Christian education ministry. She expressed the importance of a good relationship with Jesus and life. Well that was a few of the speakers, ran out of room for them all. But anyway, I liked this chapel for the mere and simple fact that the people that spoke went to Ottawa and have experienced some of the thing we go through, and it is always a good thing when you can relate to what you are listening to,