Interstate Regulations

Interstate Speed Limitations

Everyone has heard that same old story of the person that is late for work that gets
pulled over for driving a couple miles over the speed limit. Due to being pulled over this
person is even more late to work. This would not hapen if states would abolish interstate
speed limits. If these governments rase or abolish their interstate speed limits they can
focus more on upholding other crimes that are plauging their cities.
In most cities the main concern is major crime. Thus is there are less police officers
sitting on the side of the road checking traffic speeds, they will be able to patrole our cities
and stop more crimes. It seems that if a city wants to cut back on their crime they have to
first make sacrafices.
Some states, take Montana for instance, have abolished interstate speed limits on
parts of their highways and have seen little change in the amount of accidents that take
place. If the question of city driving is brought up one can prove that during times of high
traffic the maximum speed is seldon reached, therefore a speed limit is not needed. This is
just proves that congestion in cities will, as it does now, will control the speed on these
interstates no matter what the given speed limits are.
The only people that really will be feeling the conciquences of this are local law
enforcement orginizations. Mainly because a lare sum of the money these governments
have to spend comes from the money made from these speeding tickets.

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