Internet Marketing Tactics
ENGL 1054 NA-BS 1205

Problem - Solution Essay (Final Draft)E6

7 July 2003

Internet Marketing Tactics
Pop Up Banners, which are internet advertisements that pop up on the computer screen when we are surfing the web, are a phenomena that have only recently begun to be widely used by internet marketers to bring attention to their products. There are few people that do not think of these ads as intrusive, and distractive. There have been numerous times when I have been merrily surfing from one web site to another and have these obnoxious ads take over the “focus” of my computer screen. These ads announce “great interest rates on personal loans”, and invite us to “Get your free credit report here”, or “Try this new wonder drug for your hay fever.” Whatever the product or service, we are forced to give attention to it whether or not we really want to. So, why do people allow these intrusive ads to be displayed on their web sites?

The sky rocketing price for web space has forced them to resort to the same tactics used by television, newspapers, and other media- they sell space on their web sites to companies seeking to expose their products or services. In the beginning, these ads were not so intrusive. They were small blocks that were integrated into the web masters “home page”. The text of the ads might have blinked, or may have been colored in some attention grabbing hue, but they did not detract from the main theme of the page too much. Neither did they steal the “focus” of the screen and force us to give attention to them. Today, with the advancement of web design tools, and the emergence of savvy programmers, we have been taken to a whole new level of internet commercialism.

Pop-under ads are another ploy used by internet marketers. Unlike pop-up ads, these ads do not steal the “focus” of the screen. Instead, they hide themselves in the task bar of the computer. These ads automatically open in another browser window when the host site is visited After a few host sites have been visited, your task bar will start to get crowded with these pop-under ads. We are forced to view these ads only when we try to close the window. It can take several seconds to close each individual window.

There are a few tools out there that attempt to block both pop-up and pop–under ads. These programs, however, detract from the experience of web surfing. They are not a solution to the problem, only a work around. The best way to get marketers to abandon these intrusive marketing ploys, is to boycott their products and services all together. It would not take long for them to put a halt to these aggressive marketing practices. History is full of unsuccessful marketing ploys. With any luck, one day we will be able to add pop-up and pop-under ads to this list of marketing failures, and once again enjoy our internet experience.