Internet marketing 1

Internet Marketing
1.0) Introduction

Today we are standing on a break of the revolution.

All the things we did yesterday will change.

Last century was marked by television becouse it can bring to us a pice of the world. Today, we can go there and get that pice by our selfe.

The internet made the world smaller and it is going to get even smaller when we started to use internet as much as possible. Internet is a fast growing media and it is just the metter of time when we all will be connected.

Internet is a new and powerfull media and I have conduct the research paper to see where are we (Croatia) in all this.

Research paper include primary and secondary research about internet business.

Doing my primary research I tryed to find out who use the internet and how do they respond on internet adveritsements.

Secundary research included an survey made by GFK center for market research.

Their survey contains informations about how many people in croatia have access to the internet and how do they use it.

This survey was made in 2001 and it included 6034 persons betwene 10 and 74 years of age.

I included two more research about business on the internet.

eMarketer made na research about business to business transactions on the internet.

Other one is a survey about leading industries whitch advertise on the internet.

Other resources I used are from internet presentations and magazines specialized in e-business.

Internet marketing 2

2.0) Internet marketing
This study is is going to present internet history as well as our percentage in internet comunity today.

Main idea is to show that this is the time to step in and make a difference.

Internet gives the little man chaince to succede.

Sir Isac Newton once said:

“If I have been able to see farther than
others, it was because I stood on the

shoulders of giants.”

That giant is internet and it can make things possible.

We just need to start using it properly. Every one can earn money useng internet onley thing you need is to use your imaginaton and have some couradge.

2.1) Internet hisotry

It all started in US durind the Cold War.

Internet is desined to be endless network for comunication all over the world.

1968 DARPA ( Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) made a contract with BBN ( Bolt, Beranek & Newman) to create ARPAnet. It was a network connecting military bases but later on it get commercial.

1970 first five connections was made. It was UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, U of Utah and BBN. The number of computers have grown rapidly, first there was UNIX based computers later on personal computers started logging on the net.

This grow inspired the programers to develop a protocol called TCP/IP

( Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol ).

This protocol ables the computers to exchange data.

The history of todays internet starts in 1990 with World Wide Web.

Bernes-Lee with his team started the iniciative to make the data exchange more manageable. Now we could see the document and work with multimedia data (sound, pictures, movies).

Internet marketing 3

Becouse of this changes new format was developed HTML (Hipertext Markup language) today we knows it as web page, also there is a new protocol HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).
First web browser with graphical background was MOSAIC and it was made by Marc Andreessen who later founded company called Netscape.

2.2) Television vs. Internet

TV is the leading media for advertising but internet is going to change it all.

Difference betwene TV and Internet is that TV contlols the information and decides when it should be provided to their viewers.

Unlike the internet who provide us with informations 24 hours a day all we have to do is to go and get it.

This kind of approach is very important to the new age marketing.

TV is still the main media for advertising becouse of its abillity to manipulate.

Scientists say that picture and sound can make you do anything.

The main disadvantage of TV is that it has time limits.

Today that problem is solved by internet.

Now ads can be focused on a very specific group of people that would be interested in advertisement.

The internet ads are more effective becouse it provide us with a choise.

When we watch TV and commercial pops up we get annoyed and we lose interest.

Internet works a bit different