Interactions with People

One of the sites that you can have interactions with different people is on When you sign-up for it its free all you have to do is go to gallery and choose the preference of people you would like to talk to. It will give you a list of people with their profile and their picture, and if you want to meet them for friendship, dating, or just there to help. It will also ask you to post your picture if you want and a profile telling everyone what you are all about. The more friends you add on to your list the more people you can come in contact with.

Another interaction is by signing up for AOL instant messaging. It’s free and all you have to do is click on people and then click on “Buddy by wizard”. It will then ask you if you want to choose by common interest. When you click on common interest, you pick by either the same religion as you, interest in cars, sports and many other choices and then it will lists people from the preferences you choose, and lists people from all over the united states and you can pick who you want to chat with.

These sites even though I don’t get on seem to me are interesting and I learned of them through my girl friend. You can meet just about anyone from all over the country and chat with them like they are right in from of you. It’s interesting!