Increasing the use of Death Penalty in Thailand
English Communication III

According to the Thai’s laws “Whoever sentenced to death shall be shot to death” and this law has been using since 1968. When a person sentenced to death, the execution can not proceed right away. The prisoner has a right to submit a petition to His Majesty the King for individual royal pardon. In addition, there are also collective royal pardon on special or important national events. In case where collective pardon is granted, the death sentence shall reduce to life imprisonment. For the male prisoners will be confined at Bangkwang central prison and female prisoners will be confined at female central prison in Bangkok.

Death penalty is a punishment for any person who committed a serious crime and shall be punished to death. According that this, there are people who are agree with this punishment because it helps to deter crimes, save tax money and giving more security to Thailand. On the other side, there are some people who are not agree with this punishment because they think that it is immoral, unfair and not the final solution to solve crime problems.

Death penalty is unfair because in a country like Thailand which is a developing country. There are lots of corruptions happen inside the country. A person who has money and power can cheat on the law so some prisoners can get away from the death penalty or even crime. For normal people who are poor and powerless, they cannot do anything except facing the true that they will be punished with the death penalty. This has shown that it is not fair for everyone so what is a point of having a death penalty when corruption can change the punishment.

For the people who are agree with the death penalty think that death penalty will help the government to save tax’s money because prisoner needed food and space in the prison. So the Government have to pay for all of that, which instead the Government can use this money to do something more useful to the country. It is a waste of money to spend on the prisoners in the prison, which does not do any good to the country. However, the prisoners do not stay at the prison doing nothing. They have been forced to do works. For example making chairs, tables, sofa etc. Their works can be taken out to sell and the money goes back the government. This show that the prisoner do not eat food and live in the prison for free. The prisoners can do any works, which have little number of workers or work which need lots of labor. Make them useful for the country as prisoners.

Death penalty is not the final solution to solve the crime because death penalty has been using since the Ancient time until today. Death Penalty is still using in many countries around the world. There is a big evidence here which show that death penalty cannot stop people causing crimes. If the death penalty really work, then every country around the world today must not have any crime. But everyday in every country crimes still happens. So this can proof that death penalty does not solve the crime problems. It only works in short run, but not in the long run. Therefore we should find a better solution to solve crime problems for a long run.

For the people who agree with the death penalty think death penalty will deter crimes because if a man did a crime and feel like he did not do anything wrong. As the result he will do it again. A punishment is the answer. When that man know that he will be punished when he did a crime, then he will not do it because he knows that is not a right way to behave in the society. Death penalty will be an example for those who are thinking to commit a serious crime. Once they get caught, they will be punished to death. So they will be scared and will not commit a serious crime. However, this can only solve the problem in short run because the fact is crimes still happen. It helps