In Touch With the Senses

It had been a long day of studying with a lot of anticipation so I decided to step out on the balcony to get in touch with my senses. Taking a deep breath through my nose I drew-in the autumn air filling my lungs with the cold crispness and subtle flavors of the season. I could sense the moisture in the air; rain would fall soon, bringing the usual flood and torrent. Holding the freshness that I had captured, but for a few seconds, I exhaled slowly sensing a warm fog of moisture rise in front of my nose. I stood there picturing it rise into the dark the sky. I imagine the clouds obscuring the moon, struggling to shine through the murky heavens above. Sometimes my thoughts run wild, taking me away, as it was right now. I pictured myself rising above them; flying with the stars and planets high above. Giving myself a mental lesson -remembering what I learned from astronomy books. I flew past each planet imagining their colors and sizes. I have studied many sciences; they are always sparking my imagination. The shake of the banister and the balcony beneath awoke me from my flight in the heavens. The storm is here now. I know its thunder… and of course there must be lightning, illuminating the dark above. I can sense the vibrations getting stronger every minute as the center of the storm creeps ever closer. I can feel the wind blowing wildly now; the cold gusts are blowing through my hair and stinging the skin of my face. Large drops of water start to drop on my hands resting on the banister. The rain is here now. I picture the lightning darting back and forth amongst each competing cloud -flashing and arcing into some fated house in the distance. The drops are getting more frequent; I cup my hand to gather some. At first I count the drops as each one falls into my palm but their frequency are getting greater and harder to follow. A few light drops have landed on my lips and I can taste the salt from the ocean nearby. It draws my attention to the smell of the sea air. That heaviness of the ocean; you can sense from the mixture of salt, flora and fauna. I remember reading books with tales of the sea. Once again my mind takes me on an adventure of the imagination. Daydreaming about pirates and treasure and other flights of fancy. My penchants and predicament draws me to reading. In doing so I make my world. Along with science, literature and my senses, I fill the rest with imagination. Lost in thought my clothes were starting to get soaked and heavy with rain. The water I set on the stove should be boiling now -perhaps it would be wise to get inside. I turned to exit the balcony. The comfort of the warm air inside the house rushed to greet me, as I passed through the balcony doors. I thought perhaps a cup of tea would be nice to warm me up.

I place my hand above the kettle on the stove. The pot was boiling I could feel the hot steam rising from the spout. I grabbed the pot and poured the water into a cup slowly, sensing just when to stop. The hot aroma of green tea infusing met my nose; it was soothing and it drew a smile to my lips. I sat at the table then spooned-in a hint of honey. I placed the cup to my lips and savored its warmth as the tea went down my throat. I thought to myself how taste and smell are such wonderful senses that please the spirit. I began to feel the storms chill leave my bones. I thought perhaps the mail had come by now and decided to check after having some more tea. Having warmed up sufficiently I proceeded to the front door and the mailbox. I opened the door to the mailbox and felt inside -there was a package with a letter. Scurrying inside to open my new prize and knowing whom it’s from –I scrambled with the