In-service and Student Enhancement Program For Increasing Student Scores on
the State Writing Assessment.


An in-service program will be developed to train all teachers in the grading
guidelines for the State Writing Assessment. Teachers will be train in the
grading of essays according to the General Grading Rubric developed by the
State. Additionally, teachers will be helped to incorporate writing into their
curriculums. On the student side, an assessment of current writing skills will
be given to all 10th graders. The assessment will be graded by a team of English
teachers, and both students and parents will be notified of the results.
Students who are deemed to be at risk of failing the Writing Assessment will be
scheduled to attend after school enhancement programs designed to raise their
writing skills. The goal of the program is to raise the number of students who
pass the Writing Assessment by 10%.

Problem statement:

Last year a significant number of Glasgow\'s 10th graders failed the writing
component of the State Assessment. In an era of school choice and
accountability, raising our scores is very important. Eighth graders and their
parents are using these scores to choose high schools. Unless Glasgow raises the
scores on the Writing Assessment, there is a strong chance that the "best
and brightest" will choose another high school. Indeed, there is some
evidence that this is already happening. Additionally, the retention of our
current students depends on our ability to maintain high academic achievement
especially on statewide measurements. Therefore, a strong diagnostic and
remedial program along with a school-wide emphasis on writing is needed to
improve overall student writing scores on the State Writing Assessment.


1) Identify 10th graders who are performing below the acceptable level on the
State Writing Assessment.

2) Train teachers across the curriculum in the General Grading Rubric for

3) Develop a targeted enhancement program to improve student writing ability.

4) Contact and involve parents the process of improving students writing.

5) Communicate to the student population the State\'s writing expectations.

6) Fully train staff across the curriculum to use and evaluate writing in
their programs.

7) Create a long-term link between the English department and all other
departments to facilitate writing across the curriculum in ways that meet the
State\'s writing standards.


To increase by 10% the average number of 10th grade students who pass the
State Writing Assessment.


Date: Activity

Oct. 2 English staff training

Oct. 8-10 Administer essay prompt to 10th grade English classes.


March 29 State Writing assessment administered

To be announced State publication of test scores


Evaluation will consist of examining the 10th grade scores on the Writing
Assessment. The increased percentage of students passing the test will be the
primary benchmark and the previous year\'s percentage of passing students will be
the baseline. Secondarily, the overall improvement in terms of average score
received will be established and compared to the previous year\'s average score.
The English department will keep longitudinal data on these evaluation measures.


The results of the State testing will be announced in the school\'s newsletter
to parents and at the 1st faculty meeting after the results are published by the
State. An effort will be made to have an official school comment be printed in
the issue of the newspaper which publishes the results of the test. The comment
will address our goal of a 10% increase. Additionally, the improvement shown by
Glasgow\'s students in terms of our goals will be posted. The focus of our public
statements must be in the level of attainment we have achieved in reaching our


Active personnel will consist of English teachers who will be trained in
grading according to the State\'s General Grading Rubric for Writing. All English
teachers will be partnered with other departments to work as buddies in
assisting across-the-curriculum writing. Additionally, 6 teachers will be
trained to work in the remedial writing program where they will work in the
after-school enhancement program with those students identified as writing below
the State Standards.


Item Expense

Initial training during English Dept meetings No cost

Faculty training during scheduled in-service No cost

Development of curriculum 2 days * 6 staff + 1 coordinator

at $25 per hour * 2 hours * 2 days =


Enhancement days 7 staff @ $25 * 2 hrs * 3 days per week * 22 weeks = $23,100

Total $23,800

Materials will be provided by the English Department out of allotted

Criterion Checklist for Understanding the New State Writing Standards

1) Have you seen the State\'s General Grading Rubric for Writing?

2) Do you use the Rubric when evaluating student writing in your class?

3) Could you explain to students how they could improve their writing
according to the