In many situations in my life, my character has helped me guide myself and others through difficult situations. A rainy day in September of my Freshman Year, I had a soccer game against my high school's rival team. We were losing 3-1 at halftime and most of my teammates had lost hope in trying to win the game because the rival team was one of the best teams in the county. My coach pulled me aside and told me that it was up to me to rally my teammates together and finish out the game. I realized that no one else was going to push themselves to try to win the game if we didn't have a bigger shot at winning. I took it upon myself to do wha t I do best, carry the team so that after I try more than my hardest to try to win us the game, and so my teammates follow in suit so that it would be possible to win the game. I told my teammates that there would be a chance for us to win this game, only if we tried our hardest and outworked the other team, because I knew that we had stronger character on my team. As soon as the second half started, I set myself a goal to score a goal within the first two minutes of this half. I took the ball and started running as hard as I could, weaving in and out of defenders as I sped through the field. I took the ball and shot it as hard as I could. I saw it go past the keeper and said to myself, "We've won the game now, there is no going back." My teammates followed suit in my hard work and we won the game.