Impotency: New Therapy

By Tony Gramazio

As many as two-thirds of the men with impotency because of physical
conditions, vascular disease, stress, trauma, surgery and diabetes, can probably
have an erection again.
A new treatment to help men has been thought to be found. It is less
invasive than most other treatments. According to almost 60 medical centers all
over the United States of America, the new approach has been found.
Transurethral Alprostadil has enabled 64.9% of all men with erectile disfunction
to have an erection during sexual intercourse, compared to 18.6% on placebo.
Other therapies include needle injection, vacuum devices, and implants.
the new treatment is used by inserting an applicator containing a microspository
of aprosital into the urethra after going to the bathroom. When a button on the
applicator is pressed the suppository is deposited into the urethral lining.
Then after ten minutes an erection is formed

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