Illustration Essay


We all live our lives day to day, slowly forming opinions about what the world is, or should be. Before adulthood most of these decisions are made. Some of them, never to be reexamined. The truth is, no matter how sure we are about something, our minds by nature are not stagnant, they are always changing, reevaluating things. To pause this process takes effort. Sometimes it takes a willingness to trade truth for pride. At some point in every persons life they have to see the world for what it is, instead of what they thought it was, or should be.

To change your mind. Does that mean what you thought before was wrong, or was it just a step to the knowledge you have now? Even if you were wrong, its worth it. What makes it worth it is, the enlightenment you gain. I think being wrong is a small price to pay. If someone, for example, only saw the good in their nation, and ignored the injustice, they might love the country they live in. But unless you can examine its mistakes as well, you are just lying to yourself.

One canít turn a blind eye to unpleasant things, or one will end up in a confusing place. I think more can be learned from ones mistakes or failures than their success. Naturally we remember our mistakes much more than our successes, but some people think dwelling on mistakes is a mistake in itself. So their precious mistakes that allow them to learn, are forgotten and lost. I think the only way to know ones self is to examine ones mistakes.

Sometimes self dilution can serve a useful propose, like hope for rescue when it becomes extremely unlikely. This can be either a great strength, because it make you want to try to change things, or a great weakness, in that your effort is statistically for nothing.

One shouldnít try to set any unbreakable rules for oneself or anyone else. One can not expect to always stay the same, while everything else is evolving around you. Donít be suborn and defend an old belief without thinking about whether you still believe that or not. Who we are today is not, and should not be, who we were yesterday. If something causes you to doubt your old self, go with it. You should never make a final decision on a subject because you will never have all the information on it. The world is changing place, and without changing with it, you create a conflict you canít possibly win.