If you want to have a friend, be one.

There are very few people in the world, who donít want to have friends. Those are hermits, some religious people and madmen for example. Excluding them everybody needs someone, who could be their sole mate. But how can you find your friend? How can you recognize the right one? And what do have to do to make him your friend ?

The best way to get friends is to be friendly. To be the one everyone remembers and wants to talk with. The question is: How to be like that?

It is said, that true friend is your second self. So if you need to make friends you could first search yourself. Others get along with you much better when you are satisfied with yourself, happy so as you are and consent with how you look. Doing this makes finding friends easier. Believe in yourself. And never forget, that your friend is the person who knows all about you, and still likes you.

How much time do we spend sitting and just thinking our own thoughts? How many people will walk past you each day without saying a word? Itís actually sad to see, how little we speak with strangers. When I go outside to the streets and start talking with somebody I donít know everybody thinks Iím crazy. Sometimes you donít even have to speak simple ďHello!Ē and ďGoodbye!Ē would be good enough, but nobody wont say it. Why? Maybe the boy or a girl who sat next to you in a bus was The One And Only sole mate and true friend for a lifetime and you missed it, because you were afraid to say simple ďHelloĒ. I donít mean we should now go and talk with everybody, but only that we could smile to people who walk past us. Help strangers when they drop something. Say one word to people you see every day, but usually never speak with. If you do something like this maybe they will answer and the possibility to find friends grows.

Take chances! Donít be afraid with talking to someone. Never sit alone in the corner. Even when others wont like the way you are ,you must know, that there is always someone who does. When talking with someone ,who you really want to be friend with, be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else.

Donít be boring. Do something! Go into some sports team or join with some club. You donít just find people with same interests from there, but you have something to make your own life really interesting. You have noticed ,of course, that people with many hobbies have lot of friends.

Maybe you have noticed that there are those among us who donít have any friends. Usually because they are different. They listen strange music, wear old clothes, are interested in weird stuff etc. Usually nobody wont even talk with them, but here is something you could do. Go and have a word with them. You donít have to be friends, but just talk with them, donít ignore them. It is easy to be friendly with people like this. So only try a bit and you will won many new acquaintances.

If you want get a friend you could also be polite. Say things like hello, excuse me, goodbye, thank you and please. People will remember you then. Also a very good thing will be learning and using peoples names when speaking with them.

There are many things you must learn by yourself. All of it canít be written on a piece of paper, but I hope some of them are now here. And if youíve really tried everything and you still have no friends at all get yourself a dog. Nobody canít be more loyal and loving demanding almost nothing back.

It is never easy to find friends. You can of course find pals and get along with everybody, but finding a good friend canít be easy. Maybe the hardest thing is not asking too much from your friends. So go on. Donít sit here reading this essay. Go out talk to people! There are no strangers only friends you havenít met with. If you want to have friends