Many people all over Canada and the United States think Hummers are the best all
terrain vehicles (ATV\'s). The history of the Hummer starts, in 1979 with
competition for the development of a high mobility multi-purposed wheeled
vehicle to meet the army\'s highest standards. After a five month test period,
the Hummer was judged as the superior technical offering. AM General was awarded
the initial Hummer contract in March 1983 calling for 55,000 Hummers to be
delivered over a five year period. If the Army chose the Hummer as their primary
vehicle it has to be superior to all other ATV\'s. After the Hummers Success in
the Gulf war, AM General has produced six more Hummer models such as the four
passenger hard top, the four passenger soft top and the wagon. All models can be
bought at the forty dealers in the United States, the one in Vancouver and the
others throughout Canada. Hummers have been produced by AM General for almost
any job you would need a truck for, such as; mining, oil and gas exploration,
fire, rescue and other various government agencies. The mass production of
Hummers signifies the demand for top of the line ATV\'s. I am sure that if you
went around asking for an exceptional off road, vehicle that also handles well
on the street. Most of the answers you would get would be to go look at a Hummer.

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