Human Training

Human Training: Building a Strong and Healthy Body

There are a lot of Americans in this world who are looking for a way to look
and feel strong and healthy. The problem is that not everyone knows how to get
started and keep up the process of building a strong, healthy body. The use of
proper nutrition and supplementation with high intensity training and a good
amount of rest will be effective in building a strong and healthy looking body.
Anyone can train with weights, but training with intensity is a whole different
story. High intensity training gives better results from a good training
program. A lot of people forget that proper nutrition provides the body with the
fuel it needs to train effectively. Another thing people do not recognize is
that supplements are essential for the body, and they will also help give better
results from high intensity training. And a person must also remember one cannot
train with intensity without a good amount of rest. Rest and recovery is very
important for muscles to grow and for increasing muscle strength. Building a
strong and healthy body revolves around high intensity training, proper
nutrition, supplementation, and rest and recovery. Any individual is capable of
gaining not only physical but also mental strength.

In order to get any results out of a workout, it must be done with intensity.
A longer, low intensity workout is much less effective because it will not be
stimulating the muscles; it will be annihilating them. All exercises should be
performed with intensity, resting only one minute between each set and two
minutes between each exercise. “It’s not so much what exercises we do but
rather how we do them that matters most. We must perform these exercises
intensely to

produce rapid results” (D’Orso and Phillips 58). In every intense workout
there is a high point,and everyone has the skill to create a high point. Hitting
a high point in an intense workout is when the body is pushed to the extreme.
Creating high points make people feel good about their workouts. “When you
develop the skill to intentionally create high points, you can not only
experience more energy and greater success in life, you can also produce major
results in minimal time, in any area” (D’Orso and Phillips 60). Nothing will
be accomplished in a workout if he or she worries if free weights or machines
are better. “Free weights and machines both have advantages in a workout”
and both should be included in a workout (Cardena). As long as the exercise is
performed with intensity, it does not matter if it is with a machine or a

Exercise selection is an important part of a good workout. A person should
focus on only one or two exercises, that way more intense sets can be performed
of that single exercise. “Performing a small number of exercises enables you
to perform many more sets,” whereas the more exercises performed the less sets
performed, which is not good (Cardena). There are three ranges of repetitions
that should be included in a workout: to enhance strength, between one and five
repetitions are performed; to enhance muscle power and growth, between six and
twelve repetitions are performed; and to enhance muscle endurance, between
twelve and fifteen repetitions are performed. “The number of repetitions you
do determines the intensity of your workout” (Phillips, et al 298). All three
types of repetitions can be done in one exercise by performing multiple sets.
“High repetitions do not directly develop strength or mass, they contribute to
the process by supporting strength and mass development” (Phillips, et al

For a workout to be intense it should only take forty-five minutes. Although
a ninety- minute workout may be more productive, it will not be nearly as
intense as a short, brief workout. “Very short sessions allow you to bust your
butt with very high intensity” (Phillips, et

al 299). Too much rest between sets will cause the muscles to cool off and
add time to a workout. “Short rest periods may limit the amount of weight
used, but they force the body to fortify its recovery mechanisms,” and they
also take time off of a workout which gives more time for muscles to recover and
grow (Phillips, et al 299). It should not take longer than a minute to perform
each set. Each repetition has a tempo to be performed in each set; a positive, a
negative, and a pause. “Exercise tempo refers to the amount of time it takes
to perform a repetition” (Phillips, et al 300).

Every single workout that is performed should be