The staffing structure for the kitchen and the restaurant at the museum it might be like the following:
There is going to be a Food and Beverage Manager who will have the overall responsibility of the establishment. We have to find a person who has the experience and the qualifications for a job like that. He will have the responsibility of dealing with all the problems that the staff may have, authorize the purchases, supervise all the departments when necessary and do any changes to the areas that a problem may arise.
We have to give a lot of attention with this person as he is the key person for the success of the new establishment. He must have the knowledge of all the current legislation that affects our establishment and he must ensure that our establishment complies with the legislation. He have to write reports for our company saying how the establishment goes on, and if there are any problems. His working hours will be from 10.00 to 18.00, 5 days per week for the museum and for the sports center.
Then we have to find a good Head Chef to be in charge of the kitchen. He should have the responsibility for all personnel in the kitchen and he has to do the training for the new staff if necessary. He will be responsible for the kitchen equipment, utensils, etc. He has to do the planning, organization and supervision of food preparation including menu planning according to the agreed costed recipes, purchasing of all the foodstuffs, kitchen materials and equipment from the nominated suppliers within agreed budget levels, portion and waste control, arrangement of staff rosters, hygiene and cleanliness, fire precautions and the security of all kitchen supplies, equipment, utensils and silverware. He would report to the Food and Beverage Manager for any problems. The Head Chef for the museum should work from 10.00 to 18.00, daily and the Head Chef for the Sports Center can work during lunch and dinner hours. Commi chefs should be hired to assist the Chef and have the responsibility of running the kitchen when the Head Chef is not present. Some Sous Chefs should be also hired to help the Commi\'s in their work. Kitchen porters must be there all the opening hours of both establishments to wash and clean the equipment used in the kitchen and the restaurant. (see organizational charts)
For the restaurant a Food and Beverage supervisor should be hired to be in charge of the service areas. He would be responsible for all the food service staff and do the planning, organization and supervision in the restaurant including purchasing of beverages, restaurant materials, and equipment from nominated suppliers within agreed budget levels, arrangement of staff rosters, training of new staff, hygiene and cleanliness, fire precautions and the security of all restaurant supplies, equipment, utensils and silverware. He should report any problems to the Food and Beverage Manager. Cashiers and waitresses who they should be responsible for cleaning and laying up dining areas, stock up and replenish service points if necessary, clear away used plates, utensils, trays, and wipe down tables and working surfaces during and after the service periods, serve customers during service periods. A head waiter should be present to assist and supervise the casual and part time staff when necessary and if the Food and Beverage Supervisor is not there.

When we will employ the new staff we must ensure that those people can work together as a team a this is essential for the success of our businesses. We must set up an \'interviewing team\' which they will assess the future employees if they are skilled enough to work for us. As it is essential for our employees to work as a teams we have to ensure that those teams should have the following characteristics:
1. A set membership
2. A sense of shared purpose
3. Interdependence, i.e. people needing each other
4. Communication
5. The ability to act as a unit when necessary
There are many influences on the structure of teams and the way they operate. The way in which the task that the team have to achieve is organized will affect the structure. For a team to function effectively, all the task and maintenance roles must