Human Nature

In the survey recently taken in Mr. Wrosch’s fifth hour English class of “The Examined Life”, I have come to realize that the top twenty things that I want to do, are things that I do on an everyday basis. If my top twenty wants are fulfilled, then obviously I should be happy and have no reason to complain. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Human nature is selfish. When we want something and that want gets fulfilled then naturally we either want more of it or want something else that we think will keep us happy. This process does nothing but continue the selfish cycle of humanity.

If someone were to walk up and give you five dollars, you would probably be happy. How long does that happiness continue before you start thinking how much happier you would be if that five dollar bill were a ten dollar bill, then a twenty dollar bill, and so on. You are no longer happy that you are five dollars richer, but complaining because you are not ten dollars richer. This example just helps explain the selfish nature of humanity.

How often do you look at someone and wish you had something they had? For example, when you finally get those shoes that you’ve been wanting for what seems like forever, how long is it before you start wishing you had something else? A week, a day, maybe even a couple hours! Once again this example just brings out the vivid brutality of the selfish human nature.

Now after reading all this you may be thinking “If all this is true, then is there anyway to find true happiness?” To answer your question, yes, it is possible to be truly happy. The key to being truly happy is to be continually thankful for what you have, and then you will realize how blessed you really are and the true meaning of happiness.

The fight between the selfish human nature and happiness will always be in the world. However if you want happiness bad enough, you will meditate on being thankful for what you have and resist the temptation of being selfish or jealous. If you do this you will soon be the envy of others because you have what they have been looking for their whole life but have never found. That, of course, is true happiness.