Human Life – Inherently Meaningful

ENGL 2103 NA-BS 1205

27 March 2004

Human Life – Inherently Meaningful

Roger Lundin wrote “….human life is inherently meaningful” (Gallagher, Lundin). Mr. Lundin’s basis for this statement is on the doctrines of Creation and Incarnation. For God has created for us a world full of wonder and beauty. A world that was good enough for God himself to come into is good enough for man to explore and seek to understand. As Christians, it is our calling to observe and discern the things around us. We are to seek understanding of our experiences. To understand our experiences and those of humanity, we must first understand the experiences and humanity of Christ. To understand the meaning of Christ’s life is to understand our own.

The phrase may suggest that life is meaningful all its own. I do not believe that to be true. The meaning of life is a mystery to be solved by the unwise, and a path to be walked by the wise. One who spends their life content in ignorance will never realize the meaning of their lives. To this person, the meaningfulness of their life is simply a routine that is followed everyday. The wise person emulates the life of Christ by; walking in love, finding no faults in others, forgiving others, and putting others lives before their own. This is the meaning of life.

To say that life is meaningful is one thing. Lundin says that “life is inherently meaningful”. This means that the meaningfulness of our lives is a gift that is passed to us from God himself. One does not need to spend years in a convent to find this meaningfulness. Neither does one have to climb to the top of some obscure mountain in Tibet. God has revealed this meaningfulness to us through his son Jesus and his life. The gift of God is his son who died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins which we have inherited. Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world and tell others of his sacrifice so that they too may be forgiven.

“Life is inherently meaningful” is a powerful and thought provoking statement, one that the secular world attempts to explicate through false religions. The world constantly attempts to find ways to discredit Christianity. The Christian explains the statement in support of God and Christianity. To serve God and to walk in the footsteps of his son Jesus, and to tell the world his story is the meaning of life: a meaning that we have inherited through the generations since the time of Christ. If knowing this truth can be called knowledge, then actually living the life of Christ is called wisdom. For if we only know the truth and do not live it then we are not realizing the true meaning of our lives.