Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns was dicovered back in the spring of 1842 by a man named Lestor
Howe. Now Lestor Howe discovered the cavern by noticing on hot summer days all
of his cows would gather up on the same hillside, in the same spot. He was very
curious why they were doing this, so he went up there to investegate. When he
reach the spot on the hillside he noticed a large hole in the ground, were cold
air was blowing out of. The cows would gather around the hole to cool off. He
started to explore this hole as soon as he got a light and a rope to climb down
into the cavern. This is when Howe Caverns was dicovered.
Several years after Lester Howe discovered the cavern he sarted up a little
buisness giving tour of the cavern. His tours would last 8 hours and you were
giving lunch as part of the tour. These tours ended in 1900 when a cement co.
bought the land of cavern for its rich grade of limestone for making cement.
The cavern didn"t reopen to the public untill 1932, when walkways and lighting
systems were put in.

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