How to stop when snowboarding!

English 10, Period 4

14 January 2004

Have you ever wondered how snowboarders can stop so fast? Well it is very easy once you are told the right steps. Lucky for you I know the right steps so let me tell you how to make a good fast stop when snowboarding.

For beginners who are just learning how to snowboard it is best to stop on the heal edge. You know what your heal is right now, when going down the mountain always make sure to be leaning on some type of edge on your board. Make sure to not go straight down the mountain but at angles, kind of zig zag movements.

Now, that you know what your heal edge is make sure to keep on it when coming to a stop. So now you want to come to a stop, look around you make sure you know whoís coming down the mountain and find where you want to make a quick stop.

Once you have found where you want to stop lean a bit harder on your heal, and then lean to your right real hard. Then swing your right leg like you want it to go sideways to the mountain. Then follow with your other leg and curve your body so your chest faces down the mountain. Once you do all this it will slow you down, not fast enough for a quick stop. To come to a quick stop grind your heals and lean backwards with all of this together you will come to a clean quick stop.

With all this curving, healing and edging it might sound difficult. But, it is a lot easier then it sounds. Just remember to keep on your heal edge, follow the steps described and you will be able to make a good stop when snowboarding.