How to cheat on your girl friends with out getting caught

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I know your thinking this is a really shallow topic but I think it’s a good one because weather you like it or not guys are going to cheat. So if your going to cheat you might as well do it right. No sense in getting caught and hurting someone’s feelings. Remember what the girl friend doesn’t know wont hurt her.

Ok first things first. What you want to is pick out a girl that you know has absolutely no connection with the girl you seeing now. The reason for this is you don’t want anything getting back to her in any way shape or form. For example you don’t want to try and hit up the bars with one the hotties in your girlfriend chem. Class because then your just leaving a trail of jellybeans that will eventfully get lead your women to finding out your cheating. So ill say this. The more of a stranger she is the better, if she’s from out of town great! Remember no one that the girls friends know because she’s smarter then you think and she will track you down.

Now executing the date with the non-girlfriend chick, do not bring her anywhere you have taken your girlfriend in the past, why? Because you want to leave absolutely no trace what so ever, there is a small chance that your girlfriend could show up their. Take the chick to a place that you know your girlfriend would hate. Like maybe a Chinese food restaurant because your girlfriend hates Chinese food which is great because now you know your not going to run into and she wont have to decapitate you. After you have taken her out the next key step is get back to her place. Do not! I mean do not! Take her back to yours. This can only lead to the sure disaster of you getting caught in the act. Its one thing to be seen out is seen out with the real y tall blonde who is blessed in all the right spots because you can play it off as a friend or something. But if you are caught in your place or room all I can say to you is run. There is no defense for it or no way to get out once you caught you might as well “cut it off” because the girlfriend will do a lot worse. Ok anyways now you’ve got the prey in your grasp the only thing left is to do your thing chief. After the two of you have made your self human amusement parks get out and get lost fast don’t leave a number and if she gives you hers throw it out because that my friend is just evidence. The girlfriend is a very smart and keen species she will be able to smell the number in your pocket save your self the trouble and throw it out.

Now you’ve accomplished everything you’ve cheated successfully and your home safe, for now. Because I have to let you in on the biggest secret of all, It is absolutely impossible to cheat on you girlfriend and get caught. Sure you might pull it off once twice or maybe even three times but the fact is cocky and we guys were not born with part of the brain that says “no”. So you will be caught eventfully all you ca n is hope that she will forgive and if she does then consider your self lucky. I know you thinking “oh please I can cheat and not get caught I know tons of guys who do it can get it away with no problem”. Well think of this chief, it cheating on your girl was so easy why are you reading “how to cheat on your girlfriend”? Exactly because you’re a guy and guys are stupid sorry buddy it just something we have to except. There is one last question you need to ask yourself before thinking that reading this paper was a waste of five minutes, is your girlfriend cheating on you?