How to B.S. a paper.

Have you ever had trouble writing that perfect paper? Have you just sat and stared and your computer or paper for hours, waiting and longing for something to just hit you? Is writing a paper one of the more stressful situations of attending the classroom? I have always dreaded writing a paper, whether it being an essay or a research paper, there has to be a better way of completing a paper without all of the hassle and stress. I couldn’t understand why a paper could be so hard to write. I, like many others, had trouble in school. I used to write sloppy papers that were incoherent and weak. Then it began to hit me; there is a way to write a great paper without all of the stress and headache. This system of writing is different than what is taught in the classroom and will allow you to complete a paper easily.

This first step to write a great paper, or to B.S. a paper, is to choose a topic that you’re sure the teacher knows little about, you could even go as far as writing about a make believe event. If the topic was to be informative, choose a topic that you know about without needing very much thought, such as ‘cars’. Start out by writing down everything you know about cars. All of the many types and styles available, the history behind all of the car manufactures, the concept cars of the future, the list goes on. Then organize your list chronologically and begin to arrange them into paragraphs. Doing so will allow you to freely write an extensive paper without having to stress about the length of the paper.

The next step to pull a paper of extensive length is to select a slightly large font style, a style that is either longer or larger altogether. If that doesn’t help you to gain length in your paper, you could always set your font to be in bold print. Another useful step in gaining length is to double space your paper, most teachers prefer a double spaced page to allow the teacher to be able to read your paper easier, but you could always attempt to set your page up to 2.5 spacing, some teachers can’t tell the difference if your font is different than the standard font, Times New Roman.

Another effective way to B.S. a paper would be to give more detail than is needed in the paper. Of course, try to keep details interesting with using sensory language, to keep the reader still interested in the extra details. You could even keep referring or repeating the extra details once in a while, but be careful not to repeat the same details to closely to one another. Doing so could relate in the teacher or reader knowing that you are lost in thought and they’ll figure out that you are just rambling on to add length to your paper. Resulting in the reader knowing that you are

If you are able to follow these few simple steps, then you will be able to pull off a great paper with a decent amount of length. You will be able to have a paper that not a single person will know that you B.S.’d, and you’ll feel proud that you have completed your paper on time without having to go through a great amount of stress and headache. I wouldn’t recommend every paper you write, but for the ones that you are stuck on, I hope these steps will assist you in your writings. I have used the majority of these steps to help me when I was stuck, and it worked like a dream. Unnoticed. Many teachers wouldn’t like the fact that a paper was written based solely on bull, but if done properly, the teacher and also the readers of your great paper, wouldn’t have a clue at all. You will now be able to conquer your fear of failing and pull off a great paper of bull, worthy of the highest honor, A+.