How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

I broke down the cost in two ways. Prenatal through delivery then costs for the first year of life.

Prenatal, Delivery, and Post-Delivery Care

Prenatal Vitamins- $50-180 for about 8 months

Maternity Clothes (bras, pants, shirts, bigger shoes possibly) - $200-$1000

OB/GYN checkup appts. (prenatal) - $400 (copay with insurance) -$2000 (no insurance)

Ultrasound - $300 for the scan then up to $100 for interpretation

Demerol - $50

Epidural - $100

Extra hospital days - $200-$400/day

Total For Hospital Bills (labor and immediately after)

$6,000 to $8,000 for a normal vaginal delivery and $10,000 to $12,000 for cesarean (no complications or extra days in hospital). (source: Bay Area Women’s Hospital)

The amount one would actually pay out of pocket can vary greatly depending on insurance (if using a preferred provider) or no insurance. Also some hospitals even use a sliding scale based on household income to figure what to charge. Also, The figures I obtained were for self-pay no insurance.

Baby Household Items

Most of these prices were found at the online store at or or

Crib with mattress- $160-$750

Crib bedding set- $35-$270

Changing table- $70-$600

Dresser- $90-$650

Rocker or glider- $90-$500

Car seat- $35-$280

Stroller - $30-$300

Playpen - $60-$180

Swing- $45-$130

Play center or walker- $50-$125

Mobile- $25-$70

Baby carrier or sling- $20-$140

Monitor- $20-$230

Baby gate- $35-$250

Bouncer seat- $30-$90

Toy box- $25-$90

Gym or play mat- $25-$90

High chair- $45-$240

Diaper bag- $10-$60

Clothes for first year- $500-$1,200

Food and Medical Expenses

Thermometer- $10-$90

Humidifier or vaporizer- $15-$130

Bottles 8 oz & 4 oz (8-10)- $10-$20 (3 pack) or $20-$40 (starter set)

Breast pump & accessories- $45-$350

Nursing Bras - $50-$100

Nursing Pillow - $10-$30

Bath tub or seat- $15-$35

Wipes - $4-$5 (pack)

Total for baby items, food, medicine, etc, first year - $2000 - $6000 $2000 would be the absolute low end minimum amount if you bought the bare necessities. Still you would probably be going without many things. $6000 is for the parents who buy brand name everything and best of best. A more realistic but still modest average is probably $4000.

Grand Total cost of having baby from conception through first year of life: $11,000 - $18,000