BY Favio Garcia & Adam Styzen


Steve Forbes-geeky

Mark Astral-

Cocky Rocky-cocky

Josh Skier-slow geeky dark dangerous

Debra Ho-me-down-dull

Susan homemaker-very active


A school and several other places

Debra Ho-me-down-hello I am your new teacher debra


steve forbes-I used to be the other teacherís aide but Iíll help you


debra ho-me-down-whats behind there(points to a closet)

steve forbes-thatís josh heís our class pet he play musical spoons

for hicks at their weddings but in his spare time he

hides in the closet

debra ho-me-down-donít be so mean about your class mates

steve forbes-Iím not kidding check for yourself

She opens the closet

Josh skier is playing spoons dosent motice her then seeís her and quickly pulls a knife and drools from his mouth and says arrrrrr he slowly aprochaes her and she quickly closes the door

debra ho-me-down-oh he has an active imagination

steve forbes-yeah

the school bell rings and students enter the class ,acctually one student enters -susan enters-

susan homemaker-hello (she talks to imaginary people ,make the actor for this part research fran dresser and carrot top)

debra ho-me-down-ok so i will be teaching class today

susan homemaker-ha good one where is miss witch

debra ho-me-down-she got fired she was eating too many children

susan homemaker-ha ok

the bell rings for the tardy bell and enter

Mark Astral

Cocky Rocky

debra ho-me-down-they taught me about when things like this will happen i think they told me to................i\'ll be back

she leaves

cocky rocky-this lady is wack

mark astral-eh what can you do

steve forbes- i think we should be nice

to the teacher