How and why did Hitler become chancellor of Germany in 1933?

The reason why Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, were because of many reasons; long term causes like World War One, treaty of Versailles, fear of communism, the November criminals, the early nature of the constitution1923 crisis. The economic depression 1929-1933; failure of the Weimar government; political crisis 1930-1933; role of the traditional elites and Hitler’s action, skills and leadership.

I believe that all these point are equally important because, if one of them had not of occurred then I do not think that another point could have taken place, all of the points links to each other.

The Germans’ were very proud people, they were proud of their country they were proud of their army. Their army was very important to the Germans, so when they lost the First World War they found it very hard to except. This could be because of the masses of propaganda Germany printed out; therefore, the people were very convinced that they would win the war. Even during the last week of the war, Germany still printed propaganda. Some of the generals still had hope that they will win because they were still on French land when they signed the Armistead. However, others Generals and politicians knew there were no chance of them winning, and if they did not sign the Armistead then Germany would be taken over by the Allies.

Therefore, the left wing politicians had to make a huge and very important decision, whether to carry on with the war and hope they would win or they would have to sign the Armistead and come to some kind of agreement. The group of left-wing politicians who had to make this choice were, Friedrich Ebert, Hermann Müller and Matthias Erzberger, they were seen as anti-patriotic because they signed the Armistead. General Hindenburg accused them of stabbing the nation in the back, by signing the Armistead. They were also called “the November criminals” because they signed the treaty of Versailles, the German people and army would have preferred to die in battle then to give up. Yet again, the public was not happy by the decision of their leaders. This was extremely useful for the anti-republic right, like General Hindenburg who always undermines the new government and its potential abilities.

The Constitution was made in Weimar because the Spartacist revolt which was taking place in Berlin at that time. Therefore, some articles made in the constitution were to protect the country from an extreme party revolution, especially from the communist party. Communism was spreading very quickly and Germany did not want to a communist county, they were very more scared that they would become a communist country because they are next to Russia.

Then there was the 1923 crisis, Germany could not pay the Allies reparations because, they just did not have the money to give them. Therefore, France with support from the Belgian took it upon them to get the reparations, so they invaded the heart of Germany’s industries, the Ruhr. This came as a great shock to the Germans because they were trying their best to pay the reparations on time, but they just did not have the money. In retaliation, the German government ordered the Ruhr workers to go on strike, passive resistance. This idea hit Germany’s economy really badly; Germany was not making anything so they did not have the goods to back up the mark, therefore the value of the mark dropped. The Government had to pay the striker on strike because they asked them to stop working, yet again the Government was spending money they really did not have. The government’s way around this problem was to produce more and more money. The more money the Government produced the less it was worth, they were printing money out in billions. However, they needed the money to pay the striker. This caused the hyperinflation in 1923. Because of the hyperinflation in 1923 all the banks in Germany went bust, therefore anyone who had their lifesaving in the bank was gone. The worst hit were the middle class, who were saving up to buy a house or some other reason, and the old people would affected to because they would not