How Africans Began and Recovered from Slavery

African people hurt themselves when they began trading slaves. Although it was easy to begin selling slaves, stopping slavery was a much more difficult task. Slavery thrived for a very long time but in the end it did more damage than good.

It was very easy for Africa to begin selling slaves. Like any other country they highly valued guns. Guns made conquering other tribes easier. Africa already had a slavery system. If a tribe were defeated in battle, the victors would take the losers as slaves. When Africans started selling slaves they started a vicious cycle where the slaves would be sold for guns and the guns were used to get more slaves. Not only did African people sell slaves to other countries; they sold slaves for weapons of destruction, which were used to capture more slaves.

It was very hard for African people to end the slave trade. They had been selling slaves for a long period of time and were unwilling to change. Africa had been concentrating on their output of slaves. Much of their economy depended on slavery. In order to stop slavery, they needed new or different sources of income.

It took African people a long time to recover from selling other countries their own people as slaves. African people did so much damage to themselves in so many ways that it would take a very painful and long recovery. Firstly, they needed to recover economically. They needed to find different things to trade in order to maintain their income. Secondly, they needed to recover emotionally. Many families and individuals were injured mentally during the slave trade, and while some Africans may have carried the guilt of selling many slaves, others carried the pain of losing loved ones that were sold. Thirdly, African people had to recover culturally. Africa had a lot of culture that died when they sold tribes as slaves. When entire tribes were captured and sold, the tribe culture died. By selling their own people, Africans helped to kill their unique culture, and that is something extremely hard to recover from.

The end of slavery in many places was very brutal and difficult. Many Africans today are still not treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The ends of slavery were not very neat because slave owners didn’t want to give up what they “owned.” The result in many places was bloodshed and war.

Africans cursed themselves by selling their own people. Some of the damage caused was mended, but it was not easy to repair it. Slavery may have made the sellers prosperous and slavery might have seemed to be a good idea at the time, but in the end it only hurt Africans more than it helped them.