I remember being in homeroom in the fifth grade and being sent to the
principal for calling one of my classmates a name that involved a few “bad”
words. When I arrived at the principal’s office, my knees got weak and sweat
was running down my forehead, When he asked my what I had done, I could not
think of a good excuse. I just told him the truth. Although he was not happy
with me, he did not punish me because he was impressed with my honesty. This
event in my life helped me to realize that the best way to get out of bad
situation in life is to be honest.

It is hard to really pinpoint one thing in my life that has helped me develop
my honesty. One key factor would have to be my parents. My parents have taught
me to be honest ever since I was a very small child. My mom and dad have worked
hard their whole lives to get to where they are today. They both have good
honest jobs and they have never gone out looking for some one else to give them
something. My father is a farmer and my mother works for the Alabama extension
system. I am glad that they have taught me the values of working hard and
honesty. They have always required me to get a job in the summer even though I
probably could have gotten by without one. They also made me do chores around
the house and encouraged me to help out in the community. Another thing I must
give credit to is my Christian upbringing. I have gone to church my entire life
and was taught there the values of being honest. One more factor that has caused
me to be honest is the mistakes that I have made by not telling the truth. I am
a firm believer that the best way to learn is from your mistakes. When a person
is not honest they can get themselves in a great deal of trouble. After you get
in trouble once for dishonesty you should learn your lesson. Once I got caught
cheating on a math test and got a zero, which helped to teach me that I should
not cheat.

Although I consider myself to be an honest person I am not saying that I am
perfect or that I have never told a lie. Everyone lies a little bit, its just
human nature. There have been times when I have told little lies to my parent or
to my teachers but I knew in the long run that it is not the best way to do
things. As I mentioned earlier there have even been times that I have looked
over a friend’s shoulder during a test. I can see that this will be even more
of a temptation in college because of large class sizes. I have never really
felt good about cheating and always wished that I would have just took a few
more minuets to study instead of having to cheat to make a good grade. One
reason that I hate lying so much is that when you lie it always seems to lead to
another lie. For example if you cheat on a test (which is a form of lying)
someone might ask you if you studied a lot and your answer will probably be yes
which would be another lie.

I have been in bad situations in my life were it seems that a little white
lie would help me get through it. In these situations I have often decided to go
ahead and tell the truth because I knew that it was the right thing to do. Many
times the situation came out better than I expected because I came out and told
the truth.

Sometimes being honest seems to have its downsides. One thing that is bad for
me is that sometimes I forget that not everyone is always telling the truth. I
tend to be very gullible because sometimes I do not realize that everyone is not
honest. One way that this is true is when you are telling your friends a story.
Stories always seem to be a little better if you stretch the truth out just a
bit. I have some friends that always seam to make things sound ten times better
that they really are. These people will describe something and make it sound
great, and then when you finally find out what they are