Homemade Sauce

Homemade Sauce

How many people would enjoy eating pasta with real homemade sauce, made naturally

with no preservatives. Did you know that the canned sauces that you buy from the stores

are more expensive and not as healthy for you as opposed to a homemade sauce that you

can make yourself.

I personally know several families that make their own homemade sauce from

scratch.I even know an owner of a pizzeria who makes his own homemade sauce to

reduce his costs and to add quality to the tastes of his foods.I learned how to make

homemade sauce from my parents.

The effectiveness of making a good homemade sauce depends on two

factors.Having the right equipment and ingredients and making sure you follow each

step carefully.First I will tell you how to prepare the tomatoes for the sauce.Then I will

demonstrate while telling you how to make your own homemade sauce.

In order to make your sauce come out and taste the way it should one must follow

these steps correctly.In the preparation stage you should make sure to have fresh ripe

tomatoes,preferably Plum Tomatoes because they have less water in them.My parents

actually grow the tomatoes themselves in their garden but you can purchase these same

tomatoes at your local grocery store.In preparing your tomatoes you should rinse them

off whith cold water.Then you must cut off the stems and any bad parts of the

tomatoes.Next you cut the tomatoes into chunks and put the into a big pot to cook until

the tomatoes become soft.Once your tomatoes have become soft they must be ran through

a strainer which removes the seeds and skin from the tomatoes.At this point the tomatoes

become a liquified sauce.Next you boil the liquified sauce for another thirty minutes,and

have clean jars with their tops nearby.You should also have fresh leaves of bazel ready to

add to the sauce.Now you are ready to scoop up the sauce and begin filling up the

jars.When the jars are filled up about a half an inch from the top you add a teaspoon of

salt and a leaf of basil to add flavor.You are now ready to apply the lids to the jars and

tighten them well and turn each jar upside down until each one is sealed tightly.This

prevents spoiling of each jar.

Now that you know how to prepare your tomatoes for the sauce,you are ready to

learn how to make your own homemade sauce.The purpose of this first step is to prepare

your tomatoes.

Now I will start telling you how to make your homemade sauce.Let me begin by

demonstrating the final steps.You cut pieces of onions and garlic and add them into a pot

with pure olive oil and saute until the onions and garlic become a light brown color.Now

we are ready to add the tomato sauce that I have already prepared into the pot.Next let the

sauce simmer for about forty minutes on a low flame.At this point the sauce is ready to

put on top of any type of pasta of your choice.

Overall,making your own homemade sauce can add quality to the taste of your

foods while adding the benefit of eating healthier.

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