Do we really need a hobby? Centuries ago, men don’t really need a hobby, but in nowadays, I would said that hobby really matters to us. In this modern day of life, our pace is faster then those who live in few hundred years ago. As our time for leisure is getting lesser then before, hence hobby really makes a big different to us. Hobby as a matter a fact, do benefits to us, for examples, our knowledge would definitely be increasing, and we also can gain experiences in other field, and the last point about benefits in hobby that I want to emphasis about is hobby can really kill stress, keep us in a good condition.

As we all know reading is good for our mind. Reading is also consider as one kind of hobby, reading as a hobby will definitely good for us, I remember few years ago, I didn’t like reading at all. One day, my teacher asked me to give a speech in front of my fellow classmate. Imagine that how embarrassment it was, that standing in front of the whole class and had nothing to said, wasn’t that I felt shy, just that I honestly don’t know what to said about! Since that day on, I started to read, and by reading as a hobby. I am now feeling more confident speaking in front of people.

One of the benefits of having a hobby is that you probabilities have a lot of wonderful experience. Don’t you ever imagine that you would have some wonderful experiences? I have always dream to explore other places, now my dream has come true. I can really have the experience to dive into the deep blue sea that I always dream of. I can’t agree no more that, scuba diving is a marvelous hobby, you can swims with whole sea of fishes and of course you also can experience the peaceful under the sea. I would said that some hobby like scuba diving, will defiantly give us some chance to gain experiences that we couldn’t forget!

Another benefit of having a good hobby is a good hobby can shape one’s morality. Like for examples, learning Tai-Chi is not just good for health but also can help to control our temper and cultivates a person’s behavior. In this modern time, most of the people who live in the city are suffering from stress. My advice to those who felt exhausted, is to relax and go have a good hobby. You will be fully charged after you spent some time for hobby. I truly believe that, there is no other better way to cut down stresses then have a good hobby!

From my point of view, hobbies play a significant role in our daily life. In which they help us gain knowledge, experiences and the most important is to help us in a way that our mental and body maintain in a balance state, that is what I am trying to emphasis on. Finally I hope that people who live in the city can really enjoy the happiness the hobbies bring to them!