Hitlerís Victory


HI 2104

The course of our history was often interrupted by series of wars and conflicts; however, the worst conflict that I can think of happened in twentieth century and it is called the World War II. Leaded by Nazi leader, Hitler, Germany was tearing apart one country after another using its new technologies and strategies. He terrified people by his unmerciful actions and tyranny. However, Hitler was not the only truly evil leader of that time. In my opinion Stalin, who was a leader of Soviet Union, was not much better then Hitler himself. The only difference between Stalin and Hitler is that his horrifying actions were taking place inside of his own country.

It is a common knowledge that in May 9th 1945 Nazi Germany was completely crushed by Allianceís forces. However, what would happened to the world if Germany took over the Great Britain back in 1941? What if right after this glorious victory, Germany would concentrate all of their available forces on Russian front and crash it as they crashed the Great Britain? Well, I do not think that this kind of situation would have been creditable for anyone who is forced to serve for the wealth of Germany. All that I can do is to assume, in what kind of situation my family and I would find ourselves, if all that happened.

In 1940 my family was send out of Rumania and transported to concentrated camp in Siberia. According to Hitlerís words, military forces of Germany, during complain in Russia, would not advance further then Ural Mountains. So, if Hitler would have defeated the Great Britain and finally destroyed the main military forces of Soviet Union, the Siberia, with all its industry, would still be under the control of Soviet government. In this case there is absolutely no chance that my grandfather and grand mother could have their rehabilitation by 1959. I assume that, unfortunately, my grandfather would not have meat my grandmother. He probably wouldíve gone to a new front created in Ural Mountains or died in the camp because of unbearably hard work.

As you can see this situation where Hitler would have succeeded in war with Britain and Soviet Union is not creditable ether my family or me. In the case if Hitler, for some reason, decided to take under his control Siberia as well, my family wouldíve been destroyed, because we are Jewish.

I do not think that the situation like that could have satisfied any of defeated countries and people living in them. There probably would have been a lot of partisan organizations in different countries trying to harm Germans as mush as possible. As a matter of fact a lot of Alliance countries prepared organizations like this in the beginning of war. Who knows how long Germany would have been able to hold all those countries under its control?