Eugene de Mazenod was the starter and founder of O.M.I, which means Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Eugene de Mazenod was born in 1782 in Aix-en-Provence; his family was also very noble. Mazenodís childhood wasnít very good at all, in the young stages in his childhood he was forced into exile by the French Revolution. Mazenodís family was forced to move to Italy, Venice. Their Eugene was to stay for his young ages. Eugene de Mazend didnít have friends at all, soon in his life he met a priest his name was Don Bartello Zinelli. He was the one to bring a bit of everything in his life like education, social life and dreamís about becoming a priest.


After eleven years in exile at the age of 20 his mother and sister moved back to France and Eugene stayed with his dad. Eugene de Mazenod tried to keep his family in touch but later his parents got divorced in 1802. Eugene was praying one day the Holy Spirit came to him and told him ďto gather priest and my brothers to become Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate to announce the gospel, especially among the poor and neglected. May we inflame with the zeal for announcing the gospel of our lord savoirĒ. Through that message he lit up his life. Eugene de Mazenod became a priest in 1811 and was sent straight to the people of Aix to help the neglected, poor and abandoned.


In 1861 the French people where suffering and dieing from the French revolution. So in 1826 Eugene de Mazenod saw they needed help and came through when he was needed. So Eugene de Mazenod gathered a group of priestís and stated preaching among those people. They where patronized of Mary Immaculate. Fr Eugene finally became a bishop of Marseilles. When Eugene de Mazenod died in 1861, the already had four hundred oblates in these countries America, all over parts of Europe, Asia, Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Mexico, Corsica and Canada. Eugene de Mazenod was canonized in 1926 and was rewarded his beautification in 1975.


Many people and businesses help O.M.I. in the time where Eugene de mazenod was still alive. They where priest Ďs who saw Eugene de Mazenod vision as well. Four hundred different priests in 68 different countries helped Eugene in his missions to help others. All of these priests became Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The pope XI called the Oblates ďspecialist in difficult missionsĒ. Also the people of the time helped them out a bit, they came to their massís and for support. The Oblates in the day did not have much money so they depended on the collection at masses and what they already owned.

The oblates in those times were very supportive and caring to what the less fortunate had to do and say. The Oblates spreads everywhere to preach the gospel in different countries. The main area that the preached in was Southern France. The oblates soon did the same type of missions in near by Switzerland in 1986. At Switzerland they set up shelter and gave massís to help spread the gospel. From there they spread to country-to-country trying to keep up the faith.


Todayís Oblates are the same but doing more different things and thinking new ideas to help others. The Oblates in Australia have done wonderful things for Christianity. Some of these are building schools, for us young people to learn and about Christianity. The schools in Australia are very good and Private and run by Oblates. These are the schools in Australia, Mazenod College in Victoria- Mulgrave, Iona and western Australia. The Oblates have set up Seminaries and parishes all over this Country. The parishís in this country are in: Sefton, Moe, Camperwell, Geelong, Rosebud, Sorrento, Fremantle, Carilla, Lesmurdie, Kallamunda, Sydney, Eagle juction, Kalinga, Burpengary, Hillcrest/Dernancourt and Tea Tree Gully. In our school I also know that we help run a program called Rosieís. It helps feed the homeless, poor, neglected and drugies on our streets. Also it has counseling to help get people back on there feet.


The Oblates are situated throughout the globe. At first St Eugene de Mazenod only had a simple cathedral in France but as