High School to the Pros

English period 5


Do you like being entertained?? If so you would probably agree with me on the debate whether high school players should be allowed to come from their respective high schools into the NBA. It’s proven, players that are skilled enough to jump straight to the pros are making a great choice. Many of the young players today provide the league with great excitement and energy. Less youth means less excitement. The exciting style of basketball is also very entertaining to watch and can boost attendance rates.(Young NBA Players 93) Entering the league straight from high school is not only good for the NBA; it can be very beneficial to the players providing them with a surplus of cash. There are just too many great players that have come straight to the league for a rule to be implemented now.

As a fan, watching a player like Lebron James get up and dunk the ball is very entertaining. It is players like Lebron that have made the league what it is today. The crowd loves to see these guys. They want to go out and see a young player like Lebron, which helps the team make more money. This money provides players from that team with better salaries, which only makes the league a better place. The younger players can also relate to fans better. Some of them come into the league still teenagers. It is very hard to make the jump from high school to the pros, but if a player is mature and skilled enough to do so; it is an excellent choice.

Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been players that have come from high school into the league and had great accomplishments. Three of arguably the best players in the world today, (Tracy Mcgrady, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant) came from high school to the pros. (NBA Superstars 03) Kobe, and Kevin have both won NBA MVP awards and Tracy has won the scoring title a couple of times. The success of these players is great evidence that the jump to the pros is one that can be made and should definitely be allowed.

Although making the jump to the pros might seem like it is only great for the players, it is also great for their families. A lot of the players that come into the league come from the ghetto. Most of them live in small houses that are overcrowded. Allowing these kids to come to the league helps the players’ families. They are able to buy their parents nicer houses, cars etc. It is probably a great feeling for the players’ to support their families, and it should be a great feeling for the NBA to help these young kids provide for their less fortunate families.

People that believe some high school players are too young and inexperienced to come straight to the pros do have a valid point. Some of the players coming into the league have struggled and ended up dropping out, and losing their career chances. But too put a rule in now would be insane. People drop out in the college as well; some people get hurt, don’t play well or lose interest in the game. For every star player in the NBA there is a player that dropped out. (Young NBA Players 93) Does that mean you don’t want the young stars; because some of them might not be here if it weren’t for the jump straight to the league.

I believe that High Schoolers should definitely still be allowed to enter the NBA draft. This is a great thing for the league, the players, and the players’ families. Overall making the jump is very beneficial to everyone involved. Too many young stars have come straight to the league for them to put make a rule about it now.