To rule you must lead, that is the way of life. You cannot be a king without being a leader. To govern people you must aim them in a direction desired. Hopefully you’re as good as Hezekiah; hopefully you’re good enough to be remembered as having hegemony (leadership over leaders). To find an example of leadership we go back to the Old Testament and see David the powerful, Saul the faithless, and Solomon, the kings of recognition. There are many to yet be discovered as showing the model rule and leadership as some Old Testament giants. It is true that great leadership is shown in the Old Testament and the best way to show others how to great is through example, and I believe that it is done best through King Hezekiah. He rebuilt what his father destroyed, his stories are told more than ten times in the bible. Hezekiah did have his downfalls but when in times of war your true character is shown and Hezekiah shines with the light of the Lord. He was also a man of good company with his friend Isaiah and his God. There is power in leaders but to lead as God leads his flock is something to be remembered.

Good old King Hezekiah. I believe true leadership is found through God and Hezekiah ruled with the highest trust in God. It seems he is mentioned very little, but in fact he is recognized in 7 books of the bible and is the main focus of more than 10 chapters. Three are spent in 2 Chronicles; three more are spent in 2 Kings, and another three in Isaiah. The rest are distributed fairly well throughout 1 Chronicles, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Micah. (Lockyer pg 145) All three main books retell the story of King Hezekiah and Sennaherib of the Assyrians. This story shows the type of faith we should have and the leadership needed to do so. King Hezekiah also shows true leadership in his rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. Going against his fathers dealings to show God and the people he is a powerful leader. As any man he has his flaws and can be prideful. He even needed help from a good man, Isaiah. Hezekiah is a king for the ages and a leader recognized by God. Hezekiah was such a great leader that he set an example for the world of believers today.

Hezekiah was king of Judah at one of the most crucial periods of the nation’s history. He is first mentioned in 2 Chronicles chapter 29; Hezekiah seems to make all the right moves. “Hezekiah was a good son of a bad father.” (McElrath pg 32) Hezekiah’s father was indeed a bad man. King Ahaz was a wicked pagan man, when he died he was burned in the city of Jerusalem but not buried with the King’s of Israel. He was a disgrace in the end. Ahaz closed the temple in Jerusalem. In Hezekiah’s first mouth as King he reopened the temple and repaired it, he understood what he needed to do to lead his people and through his acts of faith he showed leadership. 2 Chronicles is indeed the longest incite into King Hezekiah’s life, It also seems to primarily be focused on his religious dealings. 2 Kings has three chapters on the esteemed leader, 2 Kings Chapter 18-21. In 2 Kings Chapter 18 verse 5 it states “Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him.” (NIV) 2 Kings seems to have all his political and foreign accomplishments. The Third book that talks about Hezekiah as king and his leadership over Jerusalem is Isaiah. Hezekiah and his prayer to the lord to continue with life on earth is stated in Chapter 37, he prayed and received fifteen more years on earth. Isaiah chapters 36 – 39 detail the help Isaiah provided Hezekiah with. Isaiah was a prophet with the gift of foresight and this helped Hezekiah tremendously. Hezekiah being mentioned in three books of the bible helps us to understand that he was important; he was there for a reason. His actions were described in great detail and