Health Journal Writing

Friday, January Ninth, 2004

Physical Health- This was not my very best physical health week. I didn’t exercise at all (other than when I ran with my twenty pound back pack from Math to Symphonic Band; boy that is hard!!!). But I didn’t eat anything bad either. However, still this was one of my worst weeks. I hope to improve over this journal entry time. To do this, I will try to exercise on the weekends as much as I can, and run around my block if I get all of my school homework finished.
Social Health- My social health was better this week than it was last week. Sunday I had my friend Tres Board over and on Monday I had Kevin Shepard over. I didn’t take too long on my home work, so I had more time to talk with my family and had many “all together” family dinners where all of my family had dinner together. I feel very, very fortunate for that.

Emotional Health- Yes!!! Finally it is Friday. This Saturday, I am going to go dirt bike riding with my Dad my brothers Joe and Judge, my friend Nick Martin, and his brother Maclean (we all received new Yamaha dirt bikes for Christmas this year). So far, we have gone about three times. My dad also received a new dirt bike for Christmas. We will see how good it is. It is just like mine except it is a 250cc not a 125cc engine. Our dirt bikes are both Yamahas.

Intellectual Health- I learned how to finish my homework quickly this week. All you have to do is immediately sit down when you get home because you are in that “school work mood” and don’t talk to anyone while you are working. Once you are done, you can have fun and do what you want to!!!

Friday, January Sixteenth, 2004
Physical Health- This was a better physical health week than last week. I ran with my mom on Sunday around the lake. I ran the lake without stopping, which I found surprising because I have not run in soooooooo… long. I think my last run was three weeks ago. I plan to run with my mom on Sunday next week too.

Social Health- This weekend I am going to go Boy Scout camping with a lot of my friends. Some of the friends I am going to be with are Tres Board, and Eliot Goodman. Also, right after I go camping, I am going to have a friend from my old school, Patrick, over. Monday I am going over to my friend Emmett Miranker’s house.

Emotional Health- OH YEAH!!! I am going to have the greatest weekend. I have already said briefly what I am going to do but now the details. I am going camping until two o’ clock Sunday. After that, I am having my friend Patrick over to play at my house, go to church, religious education, and then out to eat. Then Monday (wait a three day weekend!!!) I am going over to Emmett’s house to do stuff; I don’t know what yet. I hope we hike down his river and go see the abandoned tractor in the woods. I don’t know how it got there. It looks like someone just drove it into the woods and left it there I don’t know why anyone would do that, because tractors are not cheap. I am SO PUMPED!!!

Intellectual Health- This week I learned not to ask my Mom for study help if she is “hard at work” or “busy.” If you do, she may blow up in your face. My mom is very, very, very nice it’s just she is human, and gets stressed out like the rest of us humans do. Also last weekend I went dirt biking and I learned how to switch from first gear, to second gear, to third gear and so on.

Friday, January twenty third, 2004Physical Health- This weekend I went camping; all we really did is run around the whole time. After that, I ran with my mom on Sunday. I ran around the block on Wednesday. My block is about a one and a half mile loop.
Social Health- I am