He have Working Conditions

This is the reality for all of our workers. The official working week may not be over more than 40 hours in a week without receiving at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay for the overtime hours. The amount employees should receive cannot be determined without knowing the number of hours worked. Indeed, the trend during the last century seems to be unequivocal: less work, more play. Yet, what may be true for blue collar workers or state employees? Is not necessarily so for white collar members of the liberal professions. It is not rare for these people Lawyers, accountants, consultants, managers, academics? The phenomenon is so widespread and its social consequences so damaging that it acquired the unflattering nickname workaholism, a combination of the words "work" and "alcoholism". Family life is disrupted, intellectual horizons narrow, the consequences to the workaholic health are severe: fat, lack of exercise, stress take their toll. In fact, under the unemployment rate rise to 6% on October 2003 (U.S Department of Labor), people are working around the clock to keep up their work wherever they are home or at office. It is hard to talk about good working conditions that bring out a positive work experience for an employee while lots of people are looking for jobs. There will be good conditions when employee can feel he or she is part of decision maker and job security, well pay, and more freedom to finish their job could bring a positive work experience and more productive employee when I found out from those concepts from two of my classmates and also it is from my own working experience.

Gina was a former employee in a cable company which is down sizing. She worked as clerk who replies customers’ complains about the company before she got layoff. She had no regret three years were wasted on the company but was lamented the company was mature too fast. When the customers’ demand decline drastically, the company had to downsizing. Why she did not angry about the company? She mentioned that the company would listen her voice when she found out many customers had the same network problem. The company heard that and solved that problem right away. She did not a get a big bound for doing that, but she felt she had big contribution to the company that improve image of the company that made her proud of what she did for the company. In fact, treating every employee as a member of family will gain the royalty and faithful. Employee will bring much of the energy and enthusiasm to their work life instead of squeeze employee to work three positions in order to cut cost. Down sizing and layoff will not benefit the company dig out the hole but create more stress on employees and decrease the morale as Jill Fraser mention on the “White Collar Sweatshop” page 6, “Year after year of cost-cutting, lagging raises, declining benefits, and increased workloads have taken their toll on Nick, as they have on white-collar workers throughout corporate America.” Indeed, job security will give employee feelings they are belong to the company, which encourage employee contribute as they are part of a family.

David is librarian at San Francisco public library. He is well pay and has a lot of benefit such as pay sick left, vacation and healthy benefit. He thought the job will be the career position. But he also said that he only would do when his supervisor told him to do. It will take energy and ideas from employee because they are afraid to take any responsibility for their ideas failed to solve any problems. They have less enthusiasm to improve themselves. “During the early decades following World War II, successful companies and their staffers shared the fruits of economic prosperity as new, relatively paternalistic practices governed workplace relations and helped create long-term bonds between employer and employee.” (White-Collar Sweatshop P10) In fact, well pay and good benefit is an indication that the employee’s contribution is significant to the employer or the organization. Employee fell that they are respect by the employer will continue working harder at the same level insistently. On the other hand, low pay job