Happy Thoughts

Happy Is the People Whose God Is Jehovah!
- Dan Sydlik (Bethel Family)

We can literally feel the happiness here. When we are happy we wish life would never end.

Happiness isn\'t optional. Jehovah commands us to be happy. De 16:13-15. He say\'s you must rejoice. What is Happiness? It is the outward manifestation of the internal condition of joy that comes from a good heart. 1Tim 6:6 associates godliness with contentment. It comes from peace of mind and joy of heart. Happy are those people whose God is Jehovah. Are you happy for having Jehovah as our God? Happiness is a gift from Jehovah. It comes from Jehovah - a fruit of His spirit. He is the happy God and he wants us to be happy NOW, not in some distant future. Every day we should ask ourselves if we are happy. We will be if we have our life under control. We must have self discipline and self control. We must limit our fleshly desires instead of trying to satisfy them all (Col 3:2). Be happy at home alone or with family or friends, at Kingdom Hall with brothers, in service. Remember it\'s always very close to us. It isn\'t in things - a car, home, etc. It is inside of us. If our happiness is dependant on things or conditions, whom we are with, then an accident or tragedy can rob our happiness. It must come from within. Principle: Acts 20:35, supports the thought of happiness coming from with as when we are giving, being unselfish. What we possess, we can lose. Consider the example of a happy missionary. Satan entered; she became offended by her roommate. She refused to be happy any longer. She permitted small things in her life to grow in her mind. She lost her happiness.

Protect your happiness with all your might. Don\'t lose it. Don\'t let other people hold the key to our happiness as if we were plugged into them. Don\'t be robbed of your happiness by gossip, or by what others do, say or think. Don\'t let those things affect you. Once unhappiness enters into your life it\'s very hard to get it out.

Important lesson: Learn to love what God gives you in life. We live in an imperfect world and calls for many adjustments. We are imperfect too and so is everyone else. Life is full of changes. Do you allow that to make you murmur and complain? Disappointments are everywhere on earth. Make the best of disappointing situations. Search for Jehovah. Happiness is up to you. It depends on what we do with our mind and our heart. Adjust our thinking. Nobody else can do this for us, we have to do it for ourselves with the help of God!

Romans 12:2 Does it say Prove to God? NO! Prove to OURSELVES the good and perfect will of God. You don\'t have to prove it to God. Happiness is not dependant on where we are or with whom we are. But it is dependent on who we are before, that being GOD. It\'s not just knowing, it\'s doing! Be a doer of the Word. Happiness isn\'t so much doing what we like, but liking what we do. It\'s not being where you like, but liking where you are. It\'s not having what you like, but liking what you have! Enjoy where we are and who we are. Make the best of every situation. That\'s being Christ like. For the joy set before him he endured a torture stake. Despite whatever troubles come in life we can still be happy. Many have endured great hardships, natural disasters, lost all their worldly goods, yet happy. Why? Because happiness has to do with your frame of mind and heart. A joyful heart and a mind at peace with God- the peace that excels all thought - those things being true then how happy we should be! To think that we have Jehovah as our God. Happy is the nation whose God is Jehovah. Ask ourselves. What are we doing with our lives? To do your will I have delighted! David rejoiced! Take your concordance and look up "happy" and "happiness". See what it says! True happiness is closely linked