The standard definition of happiness is that it is a condition of
supreme well-being and good spirits. There can be many definitions of the word
happiness. It can be applied to many examples. Many people are often in search
of happiness.
One meaning can be explained when someone tells a joke. If one finds
the joke funny, they laugh. This condition of happiness is the most temporary
one, for it only lasts a moment. No one will be affected deeply into their
emotions by a joke. It is more like a comical relief.
Another way of happiness is when something good happens to someone.
Maybe getting a good grade on a test or getting a raise at work. This kind of
happiness usually comes from personal accomplishment. One will be happy if they
know they did something good. They do not necessarily have to be rewarded to
feel happy. For example, some people find happiness in just living a good life,
a life of piety.
Often, people may find happiness in the simplest of things. Maybe being
alone in nature or playing with a puppy will provide happiness. One may or may
not show their feeling of happiness. Sometimes their happiness is just a
feeling of contentment, while other times they may actually be smiling.
Lifelong happiness is something many people strive to achieve.

Category: Philosophy